I’ve been writing this blog for around  6 months now and it’s slowly starting to grow and develop! Last week, I was nominated for a Liebster Award – more on that will come in an upcoming post – I was so thrilled! I can’t remember the last time that I was nominated for or won an award! I’m unbelievably excited.

Leibster Award

My subscribers and followers on social media have recently grown too, for which I am truly grateful. It’s lovely to connect with so many other other bloggers and readers. It also gives a purpose to my writing knowing that I have a loyal audience. Thank you to you all.

I started this blog simply as a way to maintain my creativity because frankly, there are only so many times that I can write shopping lists before I’m itching to write something more substantial. I like writing for myself and I still do quite a lot to be honest, but there is something special about sharing my writing with other people.

I have been quieter than usual over the past few weeks, simply because I have been busy at work and needing to focus on other things. I haven’t forgotten this blog and I have definitely been feeling the love on social media, which does make me want to carry on with writing. Not that I think I could give up any time soon! It’s therapeutic.

Blogging Flat Lay

Blogging has also given me the opportunity to write for other people and that is interesting to do. I’ve spent so long just writing whatever comes into my mind, that it is a whole new skill to begin writing to a given criteria but keeping my tone. It’s challenging but something I really enjoy.

But the main thing that I love about blogging and writing is that it gives me a voice and a platform. I think sometimes, especially now I’m a mum, I can feel invisible. I’m referred to quite a lot of the time as ‘the girls’ mum’ and it’s nice to have this little space to be myself and share my opinions.

I’ve learnt a lot about myself through blogging over the last few months. I still can’t use my printer but I can set up and manage an email list, have some coding knowledge and am getting there slowly with editing photographs. I might be getting older, but I still want to learn. I’m learning to be more organised and have a bit more of a structure to my days – which I personally need. Blogging regularly is changing me for the better, so I must thank all subscribers, followers and readers for the support.

Here’s to the next six months.

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