I wrote a few posts back about my introduction to Forever and how I was impressed with their Bee Pollen Capsules.  So when I decided to pay a bit more attention to my skincare and look for a mask, I thought I’d see what Forever had to offer.

In the past, I’ve managed to get away with my lax skincare routine but the older I’ve got, the harder it is to cover up my laziness so I am having to work harder to get my skin in prime condition. I can’t help it, I find skincare so boring to buy and periodically get interested in it and inevitably get bored whilst waiting for the results. Makeup can make changes to your face instantly, skin care often takes 3-6 months to have a true impact. I have the shortest attention span.

Forever Masks

Botox in a Box

Firstly, I am not at all averse to cosmetic procedures. If I had the money and time, I would try everything! To be honest, when I’m retired and have an empty-nest,  I can’t promise I won’t be the little old lady with perky boobs and a smooth forehead. But for now, my budget stretches only to products and the Aloe Facial intrigued me when it was described to me as ‘Botox in a box’ by Kym. Check out her pages here and here for more information about the products she sells.

The Aloe Facial comes in two boxes and I must admit, I felt like a bit of a chemist cooking up a concoction! First I had to take a teaspoon of the Mask Powder and mix it with a teaspoon of the Aloe Activator and mixed them together in a clean mixing bowl any bowl will do. When the mixture looked like a pink lotion, I then brushed it onto my face using a clean travel-sized makeup brush – I tend to keep them spare for things like this!

Aloe Activators and Mask Powder

The packaging recommends uleaving this on for 30 minutes and using it 2-3 times a week. For me, I’d struggle to find 90 minutes a week to use a face mask – that said, there is nothing wrong with having one on during the soaps – particularly as I was impressed with the results as I rinsed it off.

Aloe Activator and Mask Powder


What I liked about this mask was that I could feel that it was doing something to my skin. I could feel a tightening effect even before it had been rinsed off. When I had removed the Aloe Facial, my skin looked instantly brighter and I looked rested and refreshed – which is no mean feat as I am perennially exhausted. The Aloe Facial definitely improved the appearance of my skin as a short term boost so would be perfect if I was heading out on a date, special event, or when you just fancied a bit of indulgence.

Forever Aloe Facial can be bought here and costs £11.99 for the Aloe Activator and £17 for the Mask Powder although there is an offer on until the end of March where you can get both for £25. 


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