So, when I say I hunted for this, I mean hunted high and low even to the point of sending my poor dad into House of Frasers across the country (he’s a train conductor, I didn’t make him drive for miles) in order to find this shade. I really wanted Chanel Rouge Allure Ink Experimente to be my birthday present to myself!

I first saw it recommendeded in Red magazine and fell in love with the warm, brick-red shade. It’s red so of course I love it, but it’s a deeper red and nothing like any colour that I already own.

It’s not what I would call a gloss, in fact, according to the lady at my local Chanel counter, it’s described more as a liquid lipstick. I think the product name is spot on. It feels very much like an ink. It has a thinner consistency than other liquid lipstick that I’ve tried and glides on smoothly. However, it definitely needs a lip liner. I found the applicator tricky to get a neat edge with and it just looked a lot smoother and more refined over the top of a lip liner. I used Smart Lip Pencil in 706 Classic Red, from Kiko.

Although Chanel Rouge Allure Ink is described as a matte lip product, it didn’t feel drying at all. Normally matte lipsticks and glosses can annoy me and make my lips feel like a desert, but not this one. The first time I wore Experimente, I didn’t even have a product on underneath and it still felt quite nice and comfortable to wear.

Another thing I loved about Chanel Rouge Allure Ink Experimente was the longevity. Although it took a while to set before it leaves a beautiful satin finish, I wore it for a full 12 hours including eating and drinking and only needed to reapply once. It wore off evenly so there were no unsightly patches of colour on my lips. It did transfer ever so slightly onto my glass, but I’ve yet to find a long-lasting product that doesn’t do this.

Overall, I was impressed! So impressed that I wanted to find a suitable colour for work. Unfortunately, this range only comes in quite bright shades which is fab for evenings and weekends but isn’t really appropriate for my job. I’m gutted about that, though as it did last so well. Fingers crossed that Chanel release a pinky-nude soon…

Have you tried the Rouge Allure Inks?  What are your thoughts? 

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Chanel Rouge Allure Ink Experimente Review

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