As much as I try to steer clear of buying products just for the name, or because I like the celebrity endorsing it… when I saw this post on Facebook, I was intrigued.

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I am a huge Victoria Beckham fan. I have been since the Spice Girls days. She has always been my favourite and I admire her fashion and style. My family think I’m a bit obsessed, so of course I want to know what products she is using and was overjoyed to find out that I could afford it for a change! So if Forever Bee Pollen capsules are good enough for her, I’m sure they are good enough for me.

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I didn’t really know much about Forever Living if I’m honest, but I knew someone who did. So Kym was my first port of call.

Bee Pollen capsules are obviously a natural product and I like the idea of putting something that isn’t comprised of lots of chemicals into my body. Especially as I already have my daily heart medication – a side effect of which is exhaustion.

Forever Bee Pollen capsules contain a range of multivitamins including vitamins A, D, E and K and this definitely interested me as Vitamin E is proven to help improve skin and reduce the signs of ageing. I’m in my mid-thirties – I need all the help I can get as these fine lines are starting to come through thick and fast.

Forever Living Bee Pollen Capsules

The other thing that interested me is that there is lots of anecdotal evidence to suggest that the Forever Bee Pollen capsules help to boost energy. This was like music to my ears. After being forcibly made to step away from caffeine (see my post on my heart condition here),  as a full-time working single mom of an energetic toddler and an excitable four year old, I need an extra boost.

The Forever Bee Pollen capsules are £13.00 for 100 capsules but Forever offer a ‘try before you buy’ service with all of their products which I thought was a great idea. It means that you don’t end up spending a fortune on trying products that don’t work.(Not that I’ve ever done that….)


I noticed the increase to my energy levels quite quickly.  Some people have recommended starting with taking half a table and gradually building up to 3 a day. I started with 1 daily and began taking two after 3 days. By the fourth day, I definitely noticed an improvement in my energy levels. I felt more awake in the evenings and didn’t have my post kids’ bedtime slump on the sofa. In order to test whether it was the tablets  that increased my energy levels, I didn’t change anything else, so my diet and exercise routine stayed exactly the same. The only change was introducing the Forever Living Bee Pollen Capsules. I was impressed.

It’s too soon to tell if there has been an improvement to my skin as to be honest, it’s been a very stressful time recently so that would have undoubtedly played a part in my complexion. That said… given the stress that I am under, I would have expected my skin to look a lot worse than it does, and it really doesn’t.  Maybe the bee pollen has helped there too?

Keeping myself hydrated as well as energised.


Overall, I think I am going to continue with the capsules as I feel they have helped me with my energy levels and keep up with a rather energetic toddler. Help like that is not to be sniffed at!

Forever Living Bee Pollen Capsule can be bought through Kimberley Wood. See her Facebook page for more details.



I’m interested, has anyone else tried these? What are your thoughts?

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Product Review - Forever Living Bee Pollen Capsules




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