One week down, forever to go. But if I carry on like this, forever doesn’t seem too bad! My motivation is pretty high. It might be a placebo effect. It might be that not eating processed food is having a real impact. I’m not sure, but I’m feeling good! Energised, motivated and well.

The first thing I did this week was to take ‘before’ shots and head to my sister’s personal training studio to get my initial measurements taken. I’m not brave enough to share them yet as they have shocked me, but I will one day. They too are a motivating factor.

What I’ve Been Eating

This is a marathon not a sprint. I’ve crash dieted before – nearly always for events – and lost huge amounts of weight only to inevitably put it back on. This week I have focussed on completely eliminating processed and junk food out of my diet.

Fitness Friday Week 1
My breakfast this week – protein smoothie.


I’ve been preparing most of my food from scratch and eating a higher protein diet whilst reducing my carbs intake. This is something that I want to look into a bit further so I will investigate that next week. So far, my energy levels have been a lot better but the real test will be next week when I’m at work. Although after having been at home with my toddler and five year old for 6 weeks, work might be a rest!!

Moving More…

This may shock some people – especially if you know me  in real-life –  but I rejoined the gym! And I’ve actually been going. Honestly, it was hard. It’s probably been nearly a year since I exercised, so naturally I struggled. But it’s the first step! My initial plan is to build up my stamina.

Fitness Friday Week 1 Walking

I’ve also been walking more. Literally miles around town looking for these artistic bear statues with the kids and we’ve actually had a lot of fun. It’s a shame that it’s at a two year old’s pace and not enough to raise my heart rate, but my leg still are always aching at the end of it so I must be doing something!

What Went Well?

  • Feeling less bloated and more engergised.
  • Sleeping much better.
  • Sharing my plans with my family and friends meant they didn’t even attempt to tempt me and helped to keep me focussed.

Even Better if…

  • I paid attention to portion sizes. I may be eating a bit too much, and just because I’m making healthy choices doesn’t mean I can eat lots!

Progress to Date:

5lbs lost this week.

5lbs to date.

This is a great start  and I’m very excited! Now on to next week.

Fitness Friday Week 1


Have you managed your 5 a day and 3 times a week in the gym this week? 



2 thoughts on “Fitness Friday: Week 1”

  1. Sounds like your doing all the right things to start your new lifestyle. Have you looked into containers that help with portion sizes? I got some with the program ’21 Day Fix’ that worked well for me. Just an idea.

  2. No, I haven’t even heard of them. I’ll look into getting something like this. It’d be perfect!

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