It’s the end of Week 2 already and I’m seeing progress! I’m so pleased with myself. Anyone who follows me on Instagram will have seen that I am rewarding myself for every half stone that I lose. The Boy very graciously treated me to a beautiful Beauty and The Beast cup which I love and I’m already excited about the reward for losing the next half a stone – a Primark Get Lippy Lip Kit. I love them plus I figured it’s better to reward myself with makeup rather than chocolate cake and wine!

Fitness Friday Week 2 Reward

What I’ve Been Eating

My pre-Fitness Friday breakfasts used to consist of the occasional smoothie, Dairy Milk and Hula Hoops. These past two weeks, I’ve been pretty consistent and having hot water and lemon and a protein smoothie. I also have introduced porridge with fresh fruit, which is yummy but I feel that I still need the smoothie in order to keep hunger at bay until lunch time.

Fitness Friday Week 2

I’ve also eaten out twice this week and had a takeaway. This isn’t unusual – I hate cooking. What has been different is the choices that I’ve made. When at Pizza Hut with the kids, which admittedly isn’t the best choice,  I chose one of their flatbread range, which are under 500 calories, the one I had was lovely! My other eating out choice was Nando’s – pretty good for healthy options. Even my takeaway was a healthy option of salad with grilled halloumi from a local independent restaurant.


Moving More…

I have made it to the gym this week but it hasn’t been easy with work. I’m adjusting to getting back in the routine and fitting everything in. I’ve struggled a little with eating my lunch at 12 and then not having my tea until 7p.m and incorporating exercise into my schedule. I think next week I will have to try and have a protein based snack on my way home to keep hunger at bay and to give me energy for my workouts.

What Went Well?

  1. Meal planning has helped me to use up all of my food and eat well. Healthy and budget friendly.
  2. Recognising hunger. I went out to a friend’s for the evening and the snacks were everywhere. I recognised I wasn’t actually hungry so didn’t eat.
  3. Making good choices when eating out and having takeaway so that I don’t feel like I am missing out.

Even Better if…

I could build more exercise into my routine. This week has been tricky with going back to work and trying to fit it around the kids. I need to find something I can do at home as well.

Progress to Date:

4lbs lost this week.

This seems like a lot but this isn’t unusual for me when I’m at the beginning of a weightloss plan. This just means that instead of being disappointed, I need to maintain my focus when the weightloss slows down

9lbs to date.


Have you managed your 5 a day and 3 times a week in the gym this week?

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