I’ve been asked recently why I’ve been using Forever products as they are a company that relies on multi-level marketing (MLM) in order to sell their products. Some people perceive this as Forever business owners pressuring women into buying their products.  I won’t deny people their experiences and maybe some unscrupulous Forever business owners work in this way, but my experience has been lovely.

Forever MasksI have never experienced the pressure, and to be fair, I don’t need to be pressured into buying new products, I buy what interests me. I do own and use some Forever products, but I use anything from Primark to By Terry. If the product is something I’m looking for and fits a need (or has pretty packaging) I’ll try it. If it’s amazing, I’ll repurchase and almost everything I try ends up on this blog or Instagram (follow me at Instagram.com/nay_beautyaddictmama )

I guess what I’m trying to say is that, I like products and wouldn’t not buy something just because it is sold by a multi-level marketer. If it’s a good product, it’s good and all of my posts (including my sponsored posts which are clearly identified) are my own views and opinions.

Now, rant over, on to the actual review!

Forever Marine Mask

I previously reviewed the Aloe Facial and whilst it was a good mask, I also needed something more basic. I wanted something that I could use regularly to deep clean and hydrate my skin. I’m noticing every fine line and dry patch at the moment, so I needed to do something.

Forever say that this mask contains sea minerals and is both cleansing and moisturising. So clearly it was what I was looking for. It was recommended to me that to get the best out of the mask, that I needed to apply a generous amount and leave it for 15-20 minutes to dry. Then, rinse off as normal with warm water

Forever Marine Mask

I liked that the Marine Mask didn’t have a strong scent, as I don’t think that I could’ve have a strong scented mask on for long, no matter what the results were.

I also liked that it did do what I wanted. It did provide hydration, my skin did look glowing after using this mask twice in the same week. Although, I possibly need a little bit more on my extremely dry patches, I’m still looking for a miracle product to help with those though. If you have any recommendations please let me know.

Overall, if you are looking for a good, basic mask to try, the Forever Marine Mask is a good one. It’s a good entry level mask for younger girls or anyone that is new to skincare.  If you have more specific skincare needs, like myself, or are starting to notice signs of ageing, I’d recommend using this weekly but adding an additional mask more suited to your needs.

What are your thought in MLM? Have you used any Forever products?

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