I know that my favourite foundation is Giorgio Armani Power Fabric but there really isn’t any harm in trying other foundations. After all, I love make up and suddenly have an interest in foundation because a lot of new ones are coming onto the market. There are new formulations and big promises made. I want to try them all. I have never, ever tried a Givenchy foundation, (or any of their products) before so was quite intrigued to see what they were like. So I decided to try their new Mattissime Velvet Fluid foundation that launched in Spring 2017.

Buying Experience

I have to say that the lady at the counter was lovely. It’s really important to get the right shade of foundation and she definitely spent the time make sure that I had a colour match even when my girls were asking her a tonne of questions about every product they could see. I was eventually matched to Mat Honey.

My skin is still a work in progress so I wanted a matte, long lasting product. I was advised that this product is designed was inspired by the softness and comfort of velvet. I took that to mean it was a matte foundation! The sample size was pretty generous too and it’d easily last 4-5 days depending on the coverage you want.

Givenchy Mattissime Velvet Fluid


Mattissime Velvet Fluid in Mat Honey was the perfect shade for me and is perfect straightaway unlike the Power Fabric which needs time to oxidise to the right shade.

Givenchy Mattissime Velvet Fluid

I couldn’t detect a scent which was good as I personally don’t like scented makeup products. It’s for that reason that I have a love/hate relationship with Mac’s Studio Fix which used to remind me of Play-Doh.

Givenchy Mattissime Velvet Fluid

I applied the Mattissime Velvet Fluid top of my usual primer, Makeup Revolution’s Aqua Priming base and it  was a nice matte finish. I found that it was more of a medium coverage foundation. I needed to use corrector and concealer to disguise any blemishes – I don’t need to use as much with my Power Fabric foundation which is a full coverage foundation. But if you’re looking for a medium coverage foundation, or don’t have blemishes, that wouldn’t be an issue.


  • Mat Honey is the perfect colour for me. (I’m Nc35 in Mac)
  • It’s unscented
  • It’s not heavy and you can see my skin which makes it look more natural
  • It gives a matte finish


  • There is not enough coverage for me, I was looking for a full coverage foundation.
  • I needed something longer lasting. After 4/5 hours I looked almost like I had nothing on. I had used primer but  maybe powder and setting spray would’ve helped this product to last longer.
  • Price – its £35 for 30ml which I felt was a bit too much.
  • Very few shades at the initial launch.


This just isn’t the foundation for me. I need something that is full-coverage and lasts much longer. I do love a matte finish and this definitely did the job. I think this foundation would suit  someone who doesn’t mind reapplying through the day and is only looking for a medium coverage foundation. My post-kids hormonal skin just needs a little more.

Have you tried this? 

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Givenchy Mattissime Velvet Fluid foundation review


39 thoughts on “Givenchy Mattissime Velvet Fluid”

  1. Wish it lasted longer but still may be worth a try for short days!! Think this calls for a trip to the mall to sample for myself!

  2. I think it would last longer on drier skins to be honest. It just slid right off my combination skin.

  3. Nice! You look great, but the cons are too much for me. I don’t like to pay over $20 for makeup. I’m cheap.

  4. Thank you! I don’t mind spending money on makeup but it has to work and this just didn’t quite work for me.

  5. Sorry this didn’t work out for you. I like a medium coverage when I’m really wearing makeup (I usually wear very little), but I definitely need it to last more than a few hours if I’m going to the trouble of putting it on. Good luck in your search for the right foundation!

  6. I guess it’s best if Givenchy leaves the make-up products to the well known brands instead. But then again, this is perfect for people who doesn’t like putting a lot of make-up and would just go with the “no make-up” look instead.

  7. I don’t really use foundation so I am clueless but this sounds like it’s not the product you want on your face if you’re going to be outside the whole day. I wouldn’t rely on it and it might be a little too overpriced.

  8. It’s too bad it doesn’t last too long for that price. I would have been interested otherwise, it looked great on you, and light coverage is exactly what I’m looking for. Thanks!

  9. Make up? Ugh – I just can’t relate to it. But I see my sisters spending a lot of time in front of the mirror just trying to look better with the strokes of their brushes.

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