The only problem I have with collecting make up is knowing where and how to store it. Pre-kids it was easy. I used what was the spare room and had two dressing tables, numerous storage drawers and boxes scattered all over the place at -gasp – toddler level. But then I had Number 1, lost the spare room so had to downsize and by the time Number 2 arrived, I had downsized my whole collection into the top of my Hemnes dresser as my curious kids enjoyed finding lipsticks and smearing them (always the Tom Ford,  never the Rimmel – RIP Cherry Lush) all over my cream sofa. Clearly creating a child-friendly environment wasn’t high on my list of priorities.

Then I got divorced. Moved house and had the luxury of being able to buy what the hell I wanted rather than  having my money swallowed by sports tv packages and football tickets. My bedroom, my rules.  And then I discovered the Malm dressing table from Ikea (mine’s the oak one which is now discontinued) and Muji’s acrylic drawers. My make stash exploded exponentially and as it is safe from inquisitive fingers, it’s pretty organised too.

Lipstick storage



I currently use two of the 5 drawer acrylic drawers from MUJI to store my lip products. The drawers do sit on top of each other nicely but they don’t ‘lock in’ in the way that some of the other drawers from MUJI do. However, they are pretty secure sitting on top of each other and I’ve yet to have a problem. In total, I have 10 drawers to use for lip product storage and at the moment am using 8. I obviously need to go shopping…

Drawer 1



This is where I keep all of my lip butters, balms, primers and tinted lip balms. As I work in a school, this is sadly my most used lip product drawer. As much as I’d like to rock Russian Red every day, I don’t think it’d go down well with the PTA.

Drawer 2



This is where I keep all of my lip pencils and as you can see,  my favourite lip pencil is the white anti-bleed pencil from MUA.  (available in Superdrug)  It is just so simply to use and avoids me having to have a million different lip pencils to match each different lipstick.

Drawer 3



I appreciate that this drawer looks a little odd! I have Boots Seventeen and also Sleek lip palettes and I also have one of those pill organsisers that your gran probably uses stuffed full on the last bits of lipsticks. These are mostly colours that I had worn a lot of and this these little bits were left. I think I must have about 7 different colours here and it’s easy to travel with if it does make my make up bag look like a pensioners.

Drawers 4 and 5

Self  explanatory – lip gloss. I’ve recently got back into lip gloss after years of being a lipstick snob. So obviously I’ve gone gloss mad.

Drawer 6


Liquid lipsticks and my current favourite lip product – Chanel Rouge Allure Ink

Drawers 7 and 8


And last but not least, my lipstick drawers!

The mathematicians amongst you will  know that I have 2 lots of 5 drawers and only 8 of them are filled…. Suggestions for products to rectify that problem are gratefully received.



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