I used to be too scared to wear a bright lipstick, but that is no longer the case. I will admit though, bright lipsticks require a certain amount of confidence to wear but also a degree of preparation, as they draw attention to your face. So for me personally, if I have a huge blemish that I can’t cover, I tend not to draw attention to it with my lipstick instead preferring to accentuate my eyes. (Yes I do own eye shadow!)

That may come as a surprise to some as I am rather obsessed with lipstick. I’m trying lots of different reds out at the moment and I think the world and his wife know that Charlotte Tilbury’s Carina’s Love is my current favourite. But my lip prep routine is the same no matter the lipstick shade, as bright lipsticks can show up every crack in your lips and that just is not a good look.

Here are the four steps that I take to ensure my lipstick lasts all day and looks good.


Just like with other areas of our bodies, exfoliating our lips is a really important step. It removes dead and flaky skin that moisturising will not improve the appearance of and will also make the lipstick look less smooth.

How To Prepare Your Lips For Bold Lipstick

I’m currently using a sugar scrub from Lush and they smell as gorgeous as they taste (they’re safe to eat!). Sugar Plum Fairy was a limited edition Christmas product but they do have a year round range and Bubblegum smells divine. I take a small pea-sized amount, rub it all over my lips and lick it off. It is messy and I inevitably never get it all off and have to wipe some off with a baby wipe so don’t use this product when you already have done your face products as it will always get messy.


Some people feel that the sugar scrubs are moisturising enough but I always feel that I need a little more so I use my go to Nivea lip moisturiser which I just love. The only thing that I don’t like about this product is having to dip my finger repeatedly into a pot, it just seems unhygienic but it smells amazing and keeps my lips super soft so I have to look past that or use a retractable lipbrush.

How To Prepare Your Lips For Bold Lipstick

Nivea Lip Butter comes in a range of different scents and the blueberry one is a favourite too. I have so many of these in each handbag as they are so handy to have.

Line Your Lips 

I cannot get enough of this product and it’s the MUA Anti-Bleed lip pencil which helps to stop bright lipstick from smudging across your face. All I can say is, it works. And at £1 from Superdrug, it’s worth it. I also then fill in my lips with a pencil that is similar to the lipstick that I’m going to be wearing.


How To Prepare Your Lips For Bold Lipstick


I always blot lipstick. It just gives it a much nicer finish. It removes the excess product and makes it wear more evenly too which is important in between reapplications. Sometimes I use loose powder in between layers to help ,y Lipstick set for longer, but the the improvement of long-lasting products, I don’t really have to do this anymore.

Don’t Forget…

To keep your lips in tip-top condition, the last thing to always do with your lipstick is to remove it properly, as some lip products can stain. I use a micellar water for this and wipe, don’t scrub. Scrubbing too harshly will damage the lips as the skin there is so delicate. Sore lips are not a good look!

How do you ensure your lipstick looks amazing?

How To Prepare Your Lips For A Bold Lipstick

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