I have definitely noticed a change in my skin as I have got older and definitely after having both of my children. I don’t know if it is a hormonal thing, but my thirties and my delightful daughters are really doing a number on my skin. It is always dry and itchy and this never used to be a problem before.

Just don’t get me started on my face…. I’m still on a journey with improving my facial skincare routine as adult acne and signs of ageing are starting to creep in. The battle now is keeping the fine lines at bay. It’s somewhat depressing!

Practicing what I preach. Drinking whilst blogging.

Getting silky smooth skin is becoming a bit of an obsession of mine. I know a personal trainer who also gives nutritional advice. She often tells me that it’s what you put into your body that makes a lot of the difference to your skin. She may have a point.

So, on my quest for soft and beautiful skin I’m currently trying to:

1: Hydrate from within.

I keep being told that cultivating glowing and hydrated skin starts from within, so I am now making a conscious effort to drink more water. The cliché is true, you really are what you eat. I am drinking a lot more but I won’t lie, it is so much harder to do in the winter when all I want is hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows.

Keeping hydrated is so important especially with central heating cranked up high and drying out my skin. I’d turn it down, but frankly I am just not designed for cold. To monitor my fluid intake, I keep a huge water bottle on my desk with another at home. I’m aiming to get through 2 litres a day. I won’t lie, I struggle.

Mainly because I constantly then need to visit the toilet! (More post kid struggles – should’ve listened when I was told to do my pelvic floor exercises) But I do try. I’m also more than a bit obsessed with grapes and fresh fruit and I do think that also helps to contribute to my water intake.

2: Exfoliate. Exfoliate. Exfoliate.

Recently, I ventured into Lush after having not been there for many years and after a consultation with a lovely sales assistant, picked up a few products to try. I’ve been using them for two weeks and have to say that they have made a huge difference to my skin.

The first product I tried was a body exfoliator called Buffy. It is formulated in a bar rather than a scrub that you squeeze out of a tube so that appealed to me as it was different. I was pleased to see that instead of using the tiny plastic balls, it contains ground rice, almonds and aduki beans to exfoliate more gently but without being harmful to the environment. I’m not about damaging the environment just to get good skin.

I did wonder if Buffy would be as abrasive as my normal scrub but it did an excellent job at removing dead skin whilst the added essential oils and combination of cocoa and shea butter did make my skin feel pampered.

Lush Buffy Exfoliating Bar



Truth be told, exfoliation is always a step that I miss out if I’m pushed for time, and it sounds ridiculous to admit to that as it is an important stage. How can I expect moisturiser to soften and hydrate my skin when it has to penetrate layer upon layer of dead skin? Ugh! It’s disgusting just to think about it! I definitely won’t miss exfoliating again.

3: Moisturise.

I can’t emphasise the importance of a good quality moisturiser and ensuring that you moisturise as regularly as possible. I aim for twice a day but sometimes that just doesn’t happen. I’ve tried lots and lots of different body creams and essentially found that not a lot were compatible with my very dehydrated skin.

For the last year or so I have used Eucerin which my doctor prescribed. However, I found that it left a greasy and sticky residue to my skin which I just didn’t like at all.

With both my food and products, I am beginning to gravitate towards a more natural approach and often use pure coconut oil on my skin. It’s hardly ground-breaking and has been used for years. But there’s a reason why, it works. I tend to use it in the evenings as I find I am so pushed for time in the mornings that I have time to get dressed straight after moisturising and I really don’t like the oil on my clothes.

Floating Island



On my journey into Lush, I was really looking for products that were as moisturising as possible. The second product that I tried was Floating Island. I was a little reluctant at first as bath bombs strike me a bit of a novelty item for teenage girls and after hearing that some of them cover your bath in glitter – I can’t lie, I was apprehensive.

Fortunately, the sales assistant recommended Floating Island which doesn’t contain glitter but was comprised of organic shea butter (can you sense a theme here?) and a vanilla pod. Honestly, it smelt amazing but I wasn’t as sold on this as I was with Buffy. Mostly, because I could see a layer of oil on the top of the water, so I couldn’t see how moisturising it would be for me and this oil in the water made it feel slimy rather than relaxing. I had to take a shower straight after to feel like I could wash the slime off me. I wasn’t a fan but at only £2, it was worth an experiment.

Lush Sleepy



The final product that I tried from Lush was Sleepy which is a light moisturiser. Again, I wasn’t convinced that it would be perfect – it seemed too light – but I was wrong. It contained cocoa butter and lavender water and smells absolutely amazing – which is a must have for my skincare products. Even though it was light, I used it in the evening and didn’t notice any dry and ashy patches when I woke up. I did need to used a little more around my elbows and knees but overall I was pleased.

The only downside to this cream was the price. It was quite a bit more expensive than my current Aveeno cream so I am unsure as to whether I will repurchase, simply down to the price. It may instead be a little luxury that I ask for on birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Fridays…

What do you use to keep your skin hydrated? 

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Keeping Skin Hydrated in Winter


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