My eldest is currently obsessed with writing. She’s just started school and simply cannot stop writing. I was intrigued when she wanted to write a letter to Santa as I wanted to see if I had got what she was after. I have got it exactly right and now I feel like Supermum!

But what has surprised me about my little girl, is that she wrote a letter to Santa from her little sister as ‘she’s too little to write’ and one from me as ‘Mummy, you’re too busy doing cleaning.’ She’s right. Christmas and visiting relatives always starts panic cleaning.

Translates to…. 
‘May I have a makeup.
To Santa’

I actually think that’s really sweet of her to remember that Mummy might like a present too but only the one. We have to be clear with Santa that Mummy only needs one present! I wish I could say that I’m surprised that she thinks that makeup would be a good present for me, but she’s spent many an hour being pushed around department stores so she is pretty clued in to my make up obsession.

As I’m such a good mum, I didn’t want to disappoint her. So of course I had to oblige and buy myself a gift so that tomorrow she thinks Santa has received her letter. I obviously wouldn’t want her to think that Santa had left Mummy out and destroy her belief. (Because obviously that’s the only reason that I decided to buy new myself new makeup). Dutifully, I headed out to Boots and got this…

This was an absolute bargain at £25 as the Boots offer of the week. I’m pretty sure the last time I bought a Sleek I-divine palette it was £9 and the highlighter palette was about the same. So £25 for all of those products is amazing.

The box contains:

Vintage Romance I-Divine Eyeshadow Palette (12 X 1.1G),
Face Contour Kit In Medium (14G),
Lip Vip Lipstick In Guestlist (3.6G),
Twist Up Midnight (0.3G),
Eyebrow Stylist In Medium (0.22G),
Solstice Highlighting Palette (9G),
Matte Me In Shabby Chic (6Ml),
Full Fat Lash Mascara (10Ml)
Blush By 3 In Lace (20G).

I’m quite excited to try the eyeshadow palette, blush and highlighting palette as I have others by Sleek and the pigmentation is amazing. The eye shadows (like Urban Decay) do have quite a bit of fallout but that problem is easily solved with a good eye primer.

I do tend to find Sleek lipsticks drying and uncomfortable to wear.  I’m prepared to give them another go but will definitely find a better lip primer to help keep my lips moisturised.

I was high pleased to see a the contouring kit too as I’m only recently getting into the idea of contouring, (I’m late to the party I know!) so this is a cost effective way to practise.

Even though I know what’s inside my gift, I still can’t wait to open it on Christmas morning! And to keep the Santa dream alive, I had to find a little something to put in my stocking. I can’t have the kids thinking Santa has forgotten me!


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