And April is over! It’s now May. I remember being a child and time used to move so slowly but nowadays it seems to absolutely fly by. How am I on another favourites  post already???

April Favourites
Shock horror – no red lipstick!



April has been more of a relaxed month than March was, and having two weeks off work was really helpful.  It gave me time to relax and feel a bit like myself again. I’ve lost count of the new products that I’ve tried recently.

Read on for my favourites for April , and still no lipstick!

Mac Studio Fix Fluid

I have to be honest, this isn’t a new product for me. I used to use it religiously years and years ago whenever I needed a full coverage foundation. I stopped using it for two reasons: the smell (an ex told me it smelt like Playdoh) and I could never quite get the right colour. I’ve been colour matched to anything from NC30 – NC42 by sales assistants.

Mac Studio Fix Fluid

I recently had my makeup professionally applied and the makeup artist used Studio Fix Fluid. I fell back in love with it. It lasted for ages and gave me the full coverage that I currently need as clearly improving my skin is taking a very long time. And for the record – NC35 suits me perfectly.

Another reason I love this is that it’s more purse friendly at £23 for 30ml than some of the other foundations I’ve been wearing recently. Full coverage and saving money, I can’t really complain!

Mac Studio Fix Fluid is available here


Bobbi Brown Bronzer

I was so late to the contouring trend. And then once I started I was hooked on highlighter and bronzer. This bronzer is the perfect matte bronzer for me (I use Medium 2) and does exactly what I need it to.

Bobbi Brown Bronzer Medium 2


It lasts for a long time and also doesn’t have lots of fall out, which I have found in the past. I love the strong, sturdy packaging (are you listening Benefit – why the box powders???) and the mirror is helpful to touch up on the go.

I absolutely love this product!  Grab it here.

Bobbi Brown Bronzer Medium and Highlighter in Pink Glow
My highlighting and contouring life savers


Bobbi Brown Highlighting Powder Pink Glow

I bought this at the same time that I bought the bronzer as I was experimenting with highlighting and contouring. I have to say that I love the subtle pinky/beige glow that it gives my cheekbones – it’s so pretty!

Bobbi Brown Highlighting in Pink Glow

Again, I love the sleek packaging and it also comes with a mirror which is perfect for touching up.

Bobbi Brown Highlighting Powder in Pink Glow Swatch

This is so pigmented and sparkles in the light. I’m utterly in love. Grab this here.

Lush Sleepy

Lush Sleepy

I’ve already written a more detailed post about this body moisturiser a while ago so I won’t repeat myself and bore you all. If you want to check out the review, just look here.  I love this because it smells amazing and even though it is a light moisturiser, it keeps my skin very hydrated.

Next Reed Diffuser in Paris.

Full disclaimer here, I am utterly obsessed with home fragrance. I have reed diffusers and scented candles absolutely everywhere. I think it’s the combination of newly potty trained kids and cooking experiments that leave me paranoid about the smells in my flat!

Next Paris Reed Diffuser

I’ve wanted to try this scent for a while as every time I’ve smelt the tester, it instantly reminds me of perfume stores in Paris. I absolutely love this scent. It’s a glamorous woody scent and perfect for my bedroom!

I have to be honest, describing scents isn’t my strong point, so I am definitely going to refer to the box!

Top Notes:

Vanilla Orchid, Silk Blossom


Sandalwood, Amber


Incense, Tonka Bean


This is a strong scent and will easily fill a room, especially when turning the reeds regularly. It wasn’t cheap, I think it was £20 for 400ml but it does make my bedroom smell beautiful and we all deserve a treat once in a while.


And finally…

Last month, I had lots of feedback where people said that they loved knowing what I’d been listening to during the month. I won’t lie, I’m still listening to a lot of Ed Sheeran. But I have varied my music up a lot more! My top 3 tracks of the moment are:

1: No Lie – Sean Paul and Dua Lipa

2: Issues – Julia Michaels

3: Chained to the Rhythm – Katy Perry

Which products have you loved during April?

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April April Favourites

58 thoughts on “My April Favourites”

  1. Yeah, play dough isn’t the most appealing smell I would have to say. So why did you end up going back to it if it still smelled like play dough. or has the smell gotten more mild?

  2. I think these are pretty awesome products! It’s nice to see what other bloggers have to say about the make-up that they’re trying out or using for some time. Makes shopping easier for me.

  3. Great post! I had a sample of the Mac studio fix fluid once and I just couldn’t get along with it. But I haven’t tried anything from Bobbi Brown and that bronzer and highlighter looks gorgeous! Also love everything Lush, can’t wait to get my hands on Sleepy when it comes to Christmas!

    Ellie x

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