How is it March already? Time seems to be marching on so quickly. As always, I’ve had a busy month of buying and trying new products out. So much so, that I’m tempted to make March a ‘no buy’ ‘month? I wonder if I’ll manage it.

This month – unlike last – my favourites are not all lipsticks, although I have selected one lip product. Surprisingly, not all of my products are make up either. I do spend my money on other things!

Ps Velvet Lipstick Crayon and Revlon Insta-Fix

Here are the top 5 things that I’ve been loving this month.

Ps… Velvet Matte Lipstick crayon in Pillar Box Red

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first. It’s a lip product. It’s red. I am bound to be obsessed. However, this is amazing and for the price of only £2, I love it. It lasts so long and I’ve written about it in my post about the Primark make up range. I love this.

Revlon PhotoReady Insta-Fix Highlighting Stick

Revlon PhotOready Insta-fix highlighting stick

I was out with a friend browsing make up a while ago and whilst she was looking at Revlon foundations, I became intrigued by this highlighter. I think it comes in at least two shades and I got the golden shade – Gold Light. And that is what it does.

I use this to highlight my cheekbones and to give me a little shimmer on a day to day basis. It’s so easy to use. I run a little swipe of this on the top of my cheekbones and then blend in using a blending sponge or my fingers depending on how pushed for time I have.

Get the Revlon Insta-fix Highlighting Stick here.


I’m getting to that age where the  fashion that I remember from my childhood is starting to come back. And chokers are back with a vengeance. I loved them in the 90s, I love them now.

They just take a simple outfit and make it look more ‘fashion’ which is often what I need. I am not a clothes person at all. I have 50 million shades of red lipstick and one pair of jeans! (I’m not quite that bad but you get the point.)

Benefit They’re Real Mascara

I must confess – I change mascaras more than most people. I am not at all loyal to a mascara, I tend to just grab what’s there. However, I bought the recent issue of a magazine just so that I could try this again as it came as a free gift. I used to use it a while ago but had forgotten how good it is.

Benefit They're RealThis mascara makes my short, straight lashes look amazing. Not quite as good as wearing falsies but pretty good. If I wasn’t planning a no buy, I’d be adding this to my collection of mascaras.

Cantu Hydrating Leave In Conditioning Mist

Curly hair looks amazing but it can be a lot of hard work to keep it looking good. I gave up relaxing or straightening my hair about 6 years ago and haven’t looked back.

Cantu Hydrating Leave In Conditioning Mist

I’ve tried what feels like a million products for my hair and have finally found a range that I love. Cantu makes products that smell beautiful and make my hair soft. I use this most on a daily basis and spritz on my hair just to get a little more moisture and a bit of a shine. I love it!

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Let me know your favourites for February in the comments. I’m always looking for things to try!

31 thoughts on “My February Favourites”

  1. So many of my own favorites are listed here – red lippies, a good conditioner, mascara! Not so much the chokers – but literally, it’s only because I tend to spend the majority of my time working in yoga pants and casual t-shirts. Otherwise, I’m so down for a good choker!

  2. All of these beauty products look and sound amazing! I definitely have to try out that highlighting stick, I am obsessed with highlighting.

  3. The cantu leave in is my fav i love using it after every wash day when i previously use it i started to use Aphogee leave-in conditioner.

  4. The Cantu range is amazing! Love all of their stuff so far. Them and Shea Moisture are the best for curly hair.

  5. I say the same thing every month. From time to time I spend money on things other than my camera, my blog or travel around town , the country or the continent. But I can think of many other things way worse than the above to spend my cash on.

  6. I am really not into make-up. I do not wear jewelries or accessories, I’m that boring. haha. But I am intrigued with the products you reviewed. I want to try the matte lipstick, i like the color!

  7. I agree, where did February and January get to so quickly?! Love that color of the highlighter stick, I’m going to be checking that out next time I’m at the store!

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