Seriously, where is 2017 going? It feels like this year is flying by. Although honestly, I’ve had a horrendous March so I am quite happy, in a weird way, to see the back of this month.

Because of the sombre mood I’ve been in, my make up has changed and I have been wearing more ‘no-makeup’ make up looks as opposed to bright lips. (I wouldn’t go as far as wearing no make up at all, I don’t want to scare people!)

March Favourites

So this month is the first month that none of my favourites are a bright (usually red) lipstick. Surprised? Intrigued? Read on…

Makeup Revolution Aqua Priming Base

This was a surprise! I fully expected to hate this as I am a bit odd and don’t like spraying things too close to my face – to be honest, I still don’t, but this is amazing. I had used up my Dermologica Hydrablur Primer and wanted something a little lighter as that can be quite heavy, and thought I’d give this a try.

It is so easy to use. Just hold it a few inches away from your face and spray a fine, even mist all over after moisturising. It literally feels like spraying a refreshing water on your face. I give it a few seconds to sink in before applying foundation.

Makeup Revolution Aqua Priming Base

Makeup Revolution state that it is infused with multi-vitamins to hydrate and boost radiance. I would have to agree. My foundation looks great when worn over this. My skin glows and it seems to make my foundation last longer. I’m really impressed and this is definitely my favourite primer at the moment. I will almost certainly repurchase.

Makeup Revolution Aqua Priming Base is available from and is an absolute bargain at only £6!

March Favourites

Avon Makeup Setting Spray

Keeping on the theme of sprays… This has been in my box of products that I want to try (I seriously buy them, and leave them in a box until I am ready to try them) for a while. So long that the name has changed, but the formulation is still the same.

Avon Makeup setting Spray

This is just a normal setting spray. It does exactly what it says on the tin. Just spray evenly across your face after applying all your makeup in order to help set it for the day.

I have to say, when this is used in conjunction with the Aqua Priming Base, my make up really does last all day. It’s impressive. I’ve found that it tends to work better with powder products as opposed to cream blush or highlighter, so bear this in mind before purchasing if you tend to use mostly cream products.

Again, this is a bargain product too and only £6 for 125ml. Definitely worth a try and available here.

Giorgio Armani Power Fabric Foundation

I love this! I wrote a detailed post about this foundation a while ago so won’t go into too many details here and repeat myself but needless to say I was overjoyed to receive this as a gift. Makeup is always an amazing gift, but this is just a great foundation and lasts all day.

Giorgio Armani Power Fabric Foundation

I Heart Makeup I Want Candy Blush in Wow

Another purchase that to be honest, I added into my basket just because I loved the little heart shape on the powder. These powder blushes come in 8 different shades and the one that I bought, Wow, is a bright pink.

I Heart Make Up I Want Candy Blush in Wow

As it is only £3, I wasn’t expecting too much in terms of pigmentation to be honest and presumed it would be quite sheer. I was wrong. It’s a bright pink and far from being sheer, I have found that I need to be careful not to be too heavy handed as otherwise, it can be a bit much. As can be put on lightly or built up, I think it would suit most skin tones. It’s a very pretty and universal colour.

I Heart Makeup I Want Candy blush in Wow
Very heavy handed application. It is really easy to able lightly though.


This blush is so pretty and worn alone it lifts my complexion, in fact, it’s one of the few blushes that I get complimented on. Whenever I wear it, I’m told that I look well-rested and glowing! My kids don’t sleep, I am never well-rested and glowing but the fact that I look like I am is good enough for me.

And my kids got their sticky fingers on it. Gutted.

I Heart Makeup I want Candy blush in Wow can be found here.

Nyx Lip Primer

I am new to Nyx products. My latest quest for more affordable products has led to me trying out brands that I hadn’t tried before or hadn’t for a while. I recently saw the huge Nyx stand in my tiny little local Boots store and was completely amazed by the product range and the colours. There is so much to look at – I need to haul soon.

Nyx Lip Primer

I’m digressing. But this lip primer is a nice basic. It leaves no colour on my lips so doesn’t interfere with my lipstick and does help to keep it on longer and make my lipstick go on more smoothly. It’s just a good basic! I’m not sure how much more to say about this, except that spookily it is also £6! I seem to be drawn to the number 6 at the moment.


Nyx Lip Primer is available here.

Ed Sheeran Divide

Now I know this isn’t a beauty product, but I absolutely love this album and have been listening to it for most of March. I’m currently listening to Eraser and Dive on repeat as I type. I just had to mention this as it has helped me with my blogging during this difficult month. I’m a huge music fan and have eclectic taste but I find so much comfort in listening  to good music and this album is great.

Have you tried any of these products? What have been your favourite products this month? 

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March Favourites

45 thoughts on “My March Favourites”

  1. I absolutely agree that Divide is repeat worthy. Eraser, Dive, and Shape of You are my favorites, although there’s not a song on the album that I dislike. I love using NYX, they are super affordable with a large selection. I love that you included Natural, no makeup, makeup looks.

  2. MAKEUP REVOLUTION has a lot of good stuff I have one of their eye palette and I love it. From I HEART MAKEUP I also have blush, but in the heart shape and I love it their stuff are so pigmented. I love these two brands

  3. I’ve been on a Makeup Revolution kick lately! My ulta just started carrying their products and I’m loving it so far. I haven’t tried the primer yet but it will be next on my list. I also love that you included an album that you love at the end of this post!

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