I’ve clearly been hiding under the rock of high-end products for years and haven’t tried any NYX products until very recently. I liked what I tried so  put a request out onto Instagram and Facebook to ask my followers if they had any recommendations for amazing NYX products.  These are just two of what I decided to buy from the suggestions, the rest will come in another post.

Butter Lipstick in Big Cherry

Well it’s a red so I’m almost certainly going to love it. It definitely lived up to its name and was so creamy and soft. I’ve been wearing mostly matte  lipsticks lately so it was nice to have a bit of a change as this gives a slight sheen to it and was moisturising.

Nyx Butter Lipstick in Big Cherry

I was expecting to have to reapply this throughout the day and I did, but it felt so lovely to apply directly from the bullet to reapply. It lasted about 3/4 hours and did transfer into everything I touched but I could forgive it as it’s such a pretty shade!

Nyx Butter Lipstick Big Cherryhave to admit, I didn’t really like the packaging. It felt cheap and for some reason, I just didn’t like the bright red case with the white writing. But for £5.50 for a lipstick, I guess I’d prefer the money was spent on product development rather than fancy packaging.

Nyx Butter Lipstick Big Cherry swatch

As you can see from the swatch, this  was really pigmented which did impress me. It looks matte here but it did have a sheen to it when worn in real-life.

Nyx Butter Lipstick in Big Cherry

Intense Butter Gloss in Apple Crisp

I can see why this gloss is called intense as it definitely is very pigmented. It’s not for the faint hearted. It gives such a strong colour and I love a bold lip so I won’t complain. The applicator does bring out quite a lot of product so I tended to make sure that I wiped off any excess before applying.

Nyx Intense Butter Gloss Apple Crisp

Another thing I loved was the smell, I loved the smell of this. Usually I hate scented products but this smelt amazing and reminded me of the Collection glosses that I recently reviewed.

Nyx Intense Butter Gloss in Apple Crisp

I really wanted to love this as the colour was amazing but it just would not stay put. It transferred into absolutely everything including my kids, cup and cutlery. When I used my NYX lip primer (see my March Favourites), and I used as little as possible, it didn’t transfer as much. I love the colour so will definitely wear it again, but probably not when going out for a meal!

NYX Intense Butter Gloss in Apple Crisp
Wearing the Instense Butter Gloss in Apple Crisp whilst messing around on Snapchat!


Which NYX products do you love? Any more recommendations for me to try? 

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Product Review: Nyx Butter Lipstick and Intense Butter Gloss


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