Health and Fitness

7 Self-Care Sunday Tips

The past couple of weeks have been an incredibly difficult time in my personal life. Bereavement is hard. My initial reaction was to throw myself into arrangements, blogging, cleaning even – anything was a distraction. Thing is, whilst at times I’ve been grateful of the distraction, and incredibly grateful that I have two little people […]

12 Mar 2017

Health and Fitness

Weekend Breakfast

I’ve not been feeling myself this week at all. It’s been a difficult week. But because I was up ridiculously early this morning (04:41 to be precise) I had time before the kids woke up to relax in a hot bath without Lego being thrown in or being asked ‘Mummy what are you doing?’ on […]

11 Mar 2017

Me and Make Up

8 Beauty Errors I Made As A Teenager

I live and work by a total of four different high schools. This means that just by going about my daily routine, I bump into a lot of teenage girls. And as much as they chatter,  giggle and behave just like me and my group of friends did when we were at school, two main differences […]

8 Mar 2017

Monthly Favourites

My February Favourites

How is it March already? Time seems to be marching on so quickly. As always, I’ve had a busy month of buying and trying new products out. So much so, that I’m tempted to make March a ‘no buy’ ‘month? I wonder if I’ll manage it. This month – unlike last – my favourites are […]

5 Mar 2017


Mac Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick Review

I’m quite into liquid lipsticks at the moment. The first one I tried was the Chanel Rouge Allure Ink in Expérimenté which I absolutely love as it’s such a unique colour. (Check my review out here.) As I loved the consistency and the longevity, I’ve been on the hunt for liquid lipsticks from different brands […]

28 Feb 2017


Giorgio Armani Power Fabric Foundation

I was so excited to get a sample and try this! I’ve heard lots of good things about Giorgio Armani Beauty foundation but up until this point had never tried any. And then… I’m walking through town,  I was already late to meet my best friend, when I saw the promotional stand for the Power Fabric foundation and had […]

26 Feb 2017


How to Prepare Your Lips for a Bright Lipstick

I used to be too scared to wear a bright lipstick, but as you can see from my January favourites, that is no longer the case. I will admit though, bright lipsticks do take a certain amount of confidence to take wear but also a degree of preparation, as they draw attention to your face. […]

20 Feb 2017