Health and Fitness

How I Manage living With SVT

It’s Valentine’s Day! I’m a bit excited not because I’m expecting a huge bouquet of flowers or to be whisked of to Paris but because me and the girls will be treating ourselves later – heart-shaped chocolates, cuddles and a Disney Princess film. Why wouldn’t I treat the people I love the most?? But this […]

14 Feb 2017

Reviews and Swatches

Ps… By Primark Review

Today, I realised that quite a lot of my recent posts had contained high end make up. So, after hearing good things about the PS… by Primark range, I decided to give it a go.   I only managed to pick up three items (and a sharpener, but a sharpener is a sharpener!) to try […]

11 Feb 2017


Four Reasons Why I’m a Bad Mum

Now first of all, I have to confess, I don’t actually think that I am a bad mother at all. My kids are happy, healthy and as a huge boost to my self-esteem worship the ground I work on. (You should see how happy the are when I pick them up, I feel like Beyoncé.) […]

8 Feb 2017


My January Favourites

January has been a really busy month for me. I’ve had lots going on so I haven’t had the chance to experiment with my make up as much as I would usually like to. This means that all of my favourites this month are lipsticks! But if I’m honest, lipsticks are my absolutely favourite make […]

5 Feb 2017


Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer

I tend to find foundation quite a boring product to buy; it either does the job or it doesn’t. It’s not a pretty colour or interesting texture. It just doesn’t excite me. Because of this, I often only have one foundation on the go at a time and the one I’ve just finished is Clinique […]

30 Jan 2017


Top Tips for Online Dating as a Single Mom

The last time I was single and dating was 14 years ago. Yep, 2003 was the last time that I was interested in meeting men and going on dates, so finding myself divorced and back in the dating game was a shock to the system. Now admittedly, life has changed since 2003 – I’m older, […]

27 Jan 2017


Clinique Crayola Chubby Lip Crayon Box

I had a few hours of child-free time last weekend. I was so excited. It was the first time in weeks. I can’t even class work as child-free time; I work in a school. But, at least at work I don’t have to share my lunch or be watched when I go to the toilet… […]

24 Jan 2017


My Top 5 Perfumes

Perfume is just another part of my beauty product obsession! I remember getting my first bottle of perfume at 16, when my gran bought me a small bottle of Anais Anais for Christmas. I loved it so much, took it everywhere and wore it every day –  even though I couldn’t pronounce it and still […]

21 Jan 2017

Make Up Accessories and Routines

My Brush Cleaning Routine

In my opinion, most make up, especially foundation, looks a lot better when it has been put on with a brush or a sponge. There are some amazing brushes available – I am a huge fan of the Real Techniques brushes. However, when using brushes, it is important to remember to clean them properly and […]

10 Jan 2017


Double Trouble

Prior to this school holiday, this was the last photo of my kids being affectionate towards each other…. Yes, it was over two years ago! This is my maternity photoshoot from when I was expecting Number 2 and B was a sweet, calm little toddler. The complete antithesis to my experience of toddlers now. A […]

4 Jan 2017