Reviews and Swatches

Keromask Camouflage Cream

Don’t get me wrong, I love all of my tattoos. I’d have more if I could but I promised my mum I wouldn’t have anymore and I don’t want to break that promise. Yet occasionally, I like to cover them up depending on where I’m going and what I’m doing that day. I’m all about […]

12 Nov 2017

Subscription Boxes

Pink Parcel Subscription Box Review

Periods. We all have them and most of the time we’re really happy to see them. After all, it means our bodies are functioning properly which, can only be a good thing! But let’s be honest, whilst we’re happy to know that our reproductive organs are in fine working order, I’ve yet to meet a […]

4 Nov 2017

Subscription Boxes

Birchbox October

I had completely forgotten about this box. As much as I like receiving parcels of beauty products, I was getting more than a bit frustrated with continually receiving dry shampoo. I had intended to cancel this box, but with all the fuss of my daughter’s broken leg, I completely forgot! Because I’d forgotten about it’s arrival, […]

26 Oct 2017

Reviews and Swatches

My Mini Nyx Haul

I don’t want to mention the C-word yet but Christmas is rapidly approaching. This is also the time of year that I decide to stay away from shops and take the vast majority of my shopping online. I love shopping. I love Christmas. Just not at the same time. That means from now until mid-January, […]

25 Oct 2017


My Latest Primark Makeup Finds

Have I ever told you how much I love Primark? So many great things under one roof and utter bargains too. Well… it’s a bargain if you buy one or two items, possibly not if you buy what feels like 30,000 makeup items stuff into those little brown paper bags. However, it’s Primark! I just […]

22 Oct 2017

Subscription Boxes

Look Fantastic October

I have to say, I’m really enjoying my subscription to the Look Fantastic box. It really is the best of the subscription boxes that I’ve tried so far. It’s packaged beautifully (and is the perfect shade of pink to match my newly decorated bedroom. Perfection!) and comes with a free glossy magazine. What more could I […]

19 Oct 2017


My Subchorionic Hematoma Story

One of the reasons that I wanted to write this post was that when I first discovered that I had a subchorionic hematoma whilst pregnant with my younger daughter, I turned to Dr Google (I had to, I’d never heard of it before) and was met with horror stories. I read everything from ‘it’s a […]

16 Oct 2017

Subscription Boxes

Friction Free Shaving Review

Now, if you’ve ever been on this blog before, you’ll know that I’m partial to a subscription box or two. Well to be honest, that’s an understatement. I have a whole section of my blog devoted to subscription boxes! Who doesn’t love having a parcel delivered every month? Whilst I love receiving beautifully decorated boxes […]

11 Oct 2017

Inspiration and Motivation

10 Things I’m Grateful For This Week

I try really hard to live my life as positively as possible. That’s why my Instagram feed is littered with positive and motivational quotes. I’m a writer and believe in the power of the written word. Making the effort to be positive and surround yourself with positivity does have an impact. It’s important to show […]

8 Oct 2017