When I first found myself single again, I hated it. I found it  hard to adjust to being ‘me’ again after being ‘we’. I found everything hard. Living by myself, parenting alone and just being by myself every day. It didn’t help that it had been such a long time since I’d last been single and things had changed a lot since then. Dating was a minefield, so much so that I actually wrote a post about my dating adventures.


10 Reasons I love Being Single

Although lots of things changed when I became single, one thing stayed the same – people liked to ask questions. They are inquisitive. From the moment that I became engaged it was a steady stream of questions:

  • Have you set the date?
  • When are you going to have your first baby?
  • When will you have another baby?
  • Do you think you’ll try for a boy?

Although I had hoped this would stop when I was single, it didn’t. The questions just changed to:

  • Why are you divorced?
  • Do you think you’ll ever remarry?
  • Will you have more children?

People inevitably put their own timelines and ideas onto you. I get it. However, understanding their reasoning doesn’t make it any less frustrating. I grit my teeth and try to answer politely because let’s be honest, who knows what the future holds. Life is challenging, I can’t predict how I might feel next week let alone in years to come. Right now I’m happy being single. Next week I might meet a Ryan Reynolds lookalike. Who knows?

I’ve been single now for just under two years and the first anniversary of my divorce being finalised is upon us. The relief and content at the decree absolute is still there. Divorce is a stressful process.

For the first time in my adult life I am single and I really enjoy it. So much so that I compiled a list of some of the reasons that I love being single. I just can’t help myself, I like lists and plans. This list has a dual purpose. The next time that people question me about dating and remarriage, I’m just giving them this link. Traffic booster and avoids silly questions. It’s a win-win situation.

10 Reasons Why I Love Being Single

TV and Music

Bye-bye expensive Sky Sports Package. I didn’t even realise the football season had started again because I’m too busy watching trashy reality tv. Or listening to my music. Loudly. Without criticism. 90s RnB is the best. As are Little Mix and Beyoncé.

10 Reasons I Love Being Single


I can have friends and family visit my home. Whomever they are, whenever they like. My ex was very anti-social and this is not conducive to having visitors. I love having  people around to visit me and having fun whilst making memories.

Home Decor

I have put scented candles literally everywhere. And the same with throws, scatter cushions, pictures and inspirational quotes. My home, my rules. Pink everywhere!

Bedtime Routine

I can go to bed whenever I want to, without being criticised for being a night owl and wanting to stay up late. And I don’t have to share my space or my blanket. In fact, I can spread out as much as I like – until the kids come in.

10 Reasons I Love Being Single

Dinner Time

I can cook whatever I fancy, whenever I want or eat out if I want.  Hell, we can even have cereal for tea if we want to once in a while. No one will moan that their tummy is too sensitive to spicy food, complain about the cost or insist on tap water.

Extra Wardrobe Space

I have all the wardrobe and cupboard space for my clothes, handbags and shoes. Ditto for bathroom shelf space.

Financial Freedom

I no longer have to contribute to football season tickets, new strips and other useless clutter. More money for makeup. And no one to judge me for it.

10 Reasons I Love Being Single

The decision is mine

If I want to make life-changing decisions, I can. If I want to move to another part of the country, or world even. I can. I haven’t got to talk to anyone, consider their feelings or take any opinions into consideration.


It’s hard to fit time for yourself when you are trying to find time for kids, work, family and friends, let alone squeeze a partner in too. Being single means I have all the time in the world to focus on my and my self improvement.

I have no in-laws.

That’s reason enough.

***Thanks to my queens for helping me to finish this post! I only could think of 8 reasons and they helped as always!!

What about you? What do you enjoy about being single?

10 Reasons Why I Love Being Single




36 thoughts on “10 Reasons I Love Being Single”

  1. Being single is awesome, you don’t have to worry about another person, you can simply focus on improving yourself. Of course just like being in a relationship, it also has it’s down sides, but that all depends on how your see things!

  2. Hmmm… lol. I actually do love certain things but they are kind of strange. Like I love not being yelled at when I clean the house. I love not having someone have a meltdown when I have to figure out a budget. And I love not being put down for wanting to be healthy. Crazy things I know but I do like being single for these reasons.

  3. These are some great reasons to be single. My husband did give me our entire closet. He uses the closet downstairs in his mancave. But I love the part that you can cook whatever you want.

  4. Being single is a time when you can focus on yourself and your wants and needs! It’s definitely going to help you so much as an individual! I loved being single but I also love being in relationship.

  5. I think being single is helping me to work out what I want so that I can be happy when i do get into a relationship.

  6. I am married and I love it but there are days I think what it would be like to be single again. To travel and see who I would be without being married with kids. Glad you are happy and open to whatever comes your way.

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