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If you’ve seen the previous post in my blogging hacks series, you’ll know that Pinterest has the potential to help your blog grow rapidly. In that post, I briefly mentioned Tailwind and how I use it to get my posts to reach a wider audience. Initially, I was going to go into using Tailwind Tribes and group boards in that post but then I saw the word count and decided against it! Hence, this separate post on Tailwind and look out for the upcoming post on group boards.

Tailwind Plus

Tailwind can look a little intimidating. There are lots of options and at times the site can be slow to respond. However, it is definitely worth persevering with. Using Tailwind Plus to schedule a large amount of pins is easy because as much as I love spending hours pinning pretty pictures on Pinterest, it can be time consuming.

Tailwind TribesTailwind makes scheduling so straightforward that I can schedule a whole week’s worth of posts in less than half an hour. The smart schedule that it employs also ensures that I can make sure that my pins are being pinned at the optimum time in order to encourage engagement.

At $119 per year (the monthly option is $14.99 a month) Tailwind Plus isn’t the cheapest blogging tool, but it is incredibly effective. You are able to schedule unlimited pins each month (a limit of 400 pins is placed on the monthly option) and you are able to customise your schedule to fit the needs of your audience should you wish to do so. You can also download the the Tailwind Extension to your laptop, tablet or phone to schedule pins when you’re browsing online. There is also the Tailwind App whick makes adding pins to your schedule even easier, although this doesn’t have as many features as the website and I think the app would benefit from allowing access to tribes.

Tailwind Tribes

For anyone who doesn’t know, Tailwind Tribes are an amazing way to grow your blog and are so simple to navigate. You basically join a tribe and add your pin to it which means that all of your tribe-mates see it. When you join the tribes, read the rules as they can vary from tribe to tribe, but the general agreement is that you pin at least one of your tribe-mates’ pins for every pin that you add.  Effectively this means that your Pinterest reach becomes astronomical as when your pins repinned by tribe-mates, their followers could potentially see your pin and you audience widens for minimum effort.

Tailwind Tribes

To put it into perspective, I am not the most prolific blogger, my following is small (but dedicated, I love you guys!) however, the estimated reach of the pins that I have submitted to Tailwind Tribes is 2.8M. This is despite the fact that my own following is currently less than 1000. As Tailwind Tribes is a paid feature (there is a free option with a limited number of submissions), this kind of return makes me happy. Even more so when judging by my Google Analytics analysis, over a third of my traffic comes from Tailwind Tribes and my monthly views have quadrupled since I began using tribes in November. My mini-corner of the Internet is growing.

So Have I Convinced You…?

If you have clicked on this post, I’m pretty sure that you already had a bit of a clue about Tailwind and Tribes. I won’t bore you with more details, and will get straight to the list of the tribes that I am a part of so that you can start growing your blog. If you click-through the referral to my own fledgling tribe (Beauty Addict Bloggers), and join up, you get a free month of Tailwind Plus (and I get a referral credit, but I won’t be offended if you simply search for the tribe by name instead!)

Beauty Addict Bloggers

All Topics Share Group

Beauty and Lifestyle Bloggers

Beauty and Makeup

Beauty Bloggers

Beauty Bloggers Tribe

Best Beauty Products

Best Bloggers Pins

Bloggers Unite Tribe

Bloggers and Entrepreneurship

Blogging Tips and Resources

Chic Sisters

Fashion and Beauty Tribe

Fashion, Beauty and Skincare

Help a Blogger Out Tribe

Our Best Pins

Pinterest Friends

Style Tribe: Fashion and Beauty Blogs

Stylish Mamas

Teamwork Pinning Tribe

I hope this was helpful. Your next step is join as many tribes as possible and sit back and watch your reach and your blog grow. Happy Pinning!

How do you find Tailwind? Have you ever tried Tribes before?


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  1. How much time do you spend on the tribes? And how many different tribes do you belong to? It seems like you are getting value back through additional eyeballs/traffic to site but I am curious how much time is devoted to something like this. Thanks!

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