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Was it only three months ago that I wrote down my 2018 intentions? Where has the time gone? I feel like I’ve blinked and missed the first three months of 2018, so much has happened and lots of it has been good.

At the start of the year, like the year before, I split my goals into personal, beauty and blogging goals.  If you haven’t already worked it out, I’m the kind of person that needs to compartmentalise and this strategy works best for me. Rules, routines and order is how I function. Sad I know! On to my quarterly review.


2018 Beauty Intentions

I will:

1: Continue to focus on my skin care regime and maintain my glowing skin.

2: Wear the makeup I want to, and not feel it’s ‘too much’ because others say so.

3: Continue to play with colours and textures in order to create new looks.

2018 First Quarter Reviews

Well, I have to say, I am completely obsessed with skin care at the moment and although I keep chopping and changing up the products that I am using, I’m trying hard to keep some sort of routine so that my skin glows as we all know that great skin is the best foundation for makeup. I am still having hormonal break outs which is frustrating, but they are at a bare minimum, I can’t really complain too much. I’ve also finally realised that drinking a lot (water and unfortunately not gin) has helped my skin tremendously too. It really is the simple things sometimes.

I have to say, I am experimenting more with makeup at the moment. I’ve gone from being a black liner and red lip kind of girl to nude lips and 3/4 different eye shadows. I’m not brave enough to do a full-on eye and lip look just yet. Thanks to Stila, I have been including a range of textures in my daily looks, especially glitter and shimmer. I’ve been rocking an inordinate amount of glitter whenever possible and leaving a trail of sparkle behind me.

New Beauty Goal:

To figure out how to apply false lashes which I’ve never done as I’m as blind as a bat without my glasses so wear contact lenses but am not convinced that I won’t accidentally glue my lens to my eyeball and nobody wants that! Can anyone recommend any good tutorial videos?


2018 Blogging Intentions

I will:

1: Post at least 6 posts each month.

2: Explore more lifestyle and wellness posts as well as continuing to raise awareness and understanding of anxiety.

3: Develop my photography skills.

2018 First Quarter Review

I haven’t been as consistent as I would like with new posts. I’m posting regularly but there isn’t really the routine or structure to new posts as I would like. In an ideal world, I’d be putting out 3 new posts a week on set days, but life often gets in the way. Frankly, some days me and the girls just want to have PJ days in front of a Disney film (mostly me.. if we’re honest!)

I have definitely begun to expand the lifestyle and wellbeing content of my posts and I have posted more personal posts dealing with my grief and my battle with anxiety and depression but honestly, I think there’s scope for more lifestyle posts because I do love writing these, I just get carried away with makeup posts!

Whether my photography skills have improved, I’ll have to let you guys be the judge. However, I’m having so much fun buying props and exploring different techniques. My Neewer ring light has made a world of difference to my pictures, mostly because it lets me take pictures at night-time so instead of rushing around trying to get decent lighting. I don’t know how I managed without one.

New Blogging Goal:

All bloggers are focused on increasing their reach and this is definitely still on my agenda. I also want to increase the number of brands that I work with this year. I have had some amazing opportunities this year and would live to continue to work with incredible brands and share them with the world of beauty addict mama.


I will

1: Use moderation as a guide for food and exercise and make sure I treat my body with respect.

2: Build in time for self-care every day, be it a long bubble bath or reading a glossy magazine.

3: Spend as much time as possible with the people I love and not be afraid to remove myself when I need me-time.

4: Stay organised and clutter-free.

2018 First Quarter Review

Out of the three sections of goals, predictably, self-care has been the area that I have neglected the most. Although my anxiety has been more manageable in so much that I am no longer paralysed by it, the delightful combination of anxiety and depression has been problematic at times. As a result, my sleeping habits and diet have been affected significantly. I’ve gone from overeating and oversleeping to barely eating and barely sleeping. Unfortunately, it’s taking its toll on my physical health and my doctor has now advised that I must have heart surgery sooner rather than later or risk not having a later. As a single mum to two very little girls, it’s a sobering thought.

So now, I’m seeing my self-care slightly differently. I have to admit, my version of self-care is predictably girly – bubble baths, candles and rosé. And whilst I love all of that, candle-lit bubble baths are probably not going to ensure that I am around for my daughters when they become mothers. I know what it’s like to lose a mother, I don’t want to inflict that suffering on my babies any time soon. Hence my sudden appearance at my local gym, following a program created by my personal trainer sister and watching what I eat very carefully.

That’s not to say I’m neglecting all of the nice things, I’m still making daily time to relax and yes it is still bubble baths and glossy magazines. I’m also slowing down my pace of life a lot and I’m really enjoying going for walks with my girls and trying to spend as much time having snuggles with them as possible.

New Self-Care Goal

This absolutely has to be related to my physical and mental health, and I have to focus on getting my routines back in order. That means 6 hours of sleep a night (that’s a lot for me!) and 3 meals a day.

Overall, I think that my first quarter of 2018 was a positive one. It has definitely been helped by starting bereavement therapy. I now have a clearer sense of purpose now that some of the fog of grief is lifting. In my mind, I am quite sure of what I want to work on and what I want to achieve and am so excited to discover what the next quarter will bring.

How was your first quarter of 2018? Which of your goals have you met already? Are you going to adjust any of your goals?

2018 First Quarter Review


2 Replies to “2018: First Quarter Review”

  1. I know I said before, but I’m so sorry about you needing heart surgery sweetie, it must be such a worry and if you ever need to chat you can always send me a private message. I know our situations are quite different, but your post on bereavement really struck a nerve with me and gave me the push I needed to give in and ask for counselling. I have to thank you for that.
    I’m the same with my eating and sleeping patterns, hence me sitting here at nearly 2:00am commenting! But you’re right, it’s good to try and have goals I everything.
    As someone who lost a child last year, I believe that there’s nothing more important than quality time with your children, so pj and movie snuggle days are the best! Xx

  2. Aw bless you! You’re such a love. If I could give you a virtual hug I would. Knowing just some of what you’ve been through and yet you still run your amazing blog and do a fab job as a mummy makes me admire you so much more.

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