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I want to say that I am an organised blogger and that my posts are scheduled well in advance because I know exactly what I am going to post, when I am going to post and that I have a dedicated time and space to write. If I said all that, I would be a liar. I write a lot on Saturday evenings, because cocktail bars tend not to allow you to bring your children with you, which means I have to stay at home and need to occupy myself somehow. But that is probably the only blogging routine that I have.

5 Apps That Every Blogger Needs

Aside from Saturdays, most of my blogging is done in those snatched moments in between cleaning and sitting at soft play centres. So, I don’t usually have the time to drag out my huge 17 inch laptop – (thanks for that Dad!) – and instead find my iPhone or iPad (I have never been able to figure out Android…) to be the quickest and easiest way to ensure that I keep on top of my blogging.

Because I use my phone A LOT, I’ve tried a lot of apps that are designed with bloggers and other creatives in mind. I’ve tried the good, bad and the completely pointless and it’s only now that I have figured out what really works for me and frankly the apps that I couldn’t blog without. Being the helpful woman that I am, I decided to create my own little list of the top iPhone and iPad apps that I use almost everyday in case any other bloggers need inspirations


If you don’t already use Canva, you need to start. Although you can get a Canva for Work account for around £10 a month, which allows you to create a palette for your brand and share with others, the free account is great and is full of amazing features. Canva allows even the creatively challenged like myself to design a huge range of products from e-books and business cards to flyers and posters. I mainly use it for getting my branding to look uniform across all of my social media accounts without having to manually make each picture to fit each platform’s specific size.

5 apps every blogger needs - canva

The iPhone app doesn’t have all the functionality of the website, but even so, it’s  pretty good. All of the pre-set sizes for each social media platform are available and you can customise posts and banners with your own designs using the touchscreen. It’s fabulously easy.  There are tons of free images and elements to completely customise your designs and each design is stored in your account so it’s easy to start something on your phone and finish it off on your laptop. Genius idea!


I’m going to go into more detail in an upcoming post explaining why your blog needs Pinterest to grow. But when you do want to grow your Pinterest account, you will need Tailwind which is an amazing scheduler for Pinterest. Using the app you can add pins to your schedule, edit it and add drafts. You can even share pins from any website directly to your Tailwind schedule simply by sharing a post as you would by message or email. It’s that simple.

5 Apps That Every Blogger Needs Tailwind

The only thing that the Tailwind app needs is the ability to add to the Tailwind Tribes from the app because at the moment, I have to log on to my laptop to access this feature. However, as Tribes are in their infancy, I suspect that this will happen sooner rather than later.

Google Analytics

This is kind of self-explanatory! Easy access to Google Anayltics means that you can monitor your traffic and see which of your posts are the most popular. Armed with with this information you can then decide where to focus your blog promotion  or even which types of blog posts to write for your target audience. There is so much to see on this app and I personally find it much easier to use than the Google Analytics website.

Color Story

I’m not the most technical when it comes to  photography, although I am learning. The Colour Story app just makes it so much easier to edit pictures as it enhances the colours rather than giving a completely new look to the image. This app is so easy to use, and it saves the edited picture as a new image so if for any reason you are unhappy with the edits, you always have the original. This is a paid app and when I originally downloaded last year it was only £2.99.  I use it for all of my photo editing so it was a bargain!

5 apps every blogger needs

A recent update to the app means that you can link your Instagram account to your edited photos and schedule them through the Color Story app. This is handy because if you are going for a particular theme for your Instagram page,  you can check how it looks whilst in the editing process and easily make adjustments.


I couldn’t manage any of my social media platforms without Buffer which is basically a scheduling app. I can schedule Facebook and Twitter posts so they get posted automatically. It couldn’t be any simpler. Instagram currently doesn’t allow automatic posts, so I schedule them using Buffer and get a reminder to post at the correct time, it even saves the caption to the clipboard. Scheduling posts like this makes it so easy to keep on top of connecting with followers and sharing my content.

When drafting a post, the app also has hashtags on autocomplete which saves you the bother of having to type each one individually. Buffer can also schedule Pinterest posts, so if you wanted to, you could have all of your posts scheduled in the same place, I just happen to personally prefer Tailwind for Pinterest. Buffer is free but, I use the £7.99 monthly subscription which allows me to schedule more than 10 posts at a time per social media platform. I find this means that I keep ahead of myself and always have content being shared. It’s an absolute life-saver for the disorganised. There are other scheduling apps, I just find Buffer the easiest to use and I’m all for simplicity.

And there you have it! I’m pretty sure these apps will also be available on Anrdoid too, and personally I think all of them are a must. The time I have saved using them  must be the sole reason I have all the time in the world to procrastinate over eyeshadow colours. Joking aside, they make it easy for me to take my work with me and I have worked everywhere from the doctor’s waiting room to the hairdressers. Incidentally, reading that back makes me realise that I should probably address my work-life balance….

Which apps do you use regularly and recommend? Let me know in the comments.

32 Replies to “5 Apps That Every Blogger Needs”

  1. This is really good post for Some one like me who is quite new to all of this. Canva is amazing and a Godsend really. Google analytics is good but it took me a while to figure it out. Before that I was using Jetpack and that is really good for an android phone. I’ll keep the apps in mind for future post 🙂

  2. You’re most welcome! I absolutely love Canva and I have to agree about Google Analytics, it took me ages to figure out but I now I love it.

  3. I like all of these suggestions, thanks! I would add Feedly or one that can read your feedly feed, because I think it’s important to keep up with reading other’s blogs to be a good blogger. 🙂 To me it’s perfect for on the go/on the phone, since I don’t like typing on the phone anyways…

  4. Thank you for these app recommendations! I work full time and trying to keep up with my writing and social media presence is so overwhelming. I’m excited to try some of these apps 🙂

  5. I use Canva and Google Analytics on my desktop and didn’t think to download it on my phone. I also tried tailwind’s free trial and haven’t been back on it. I need to check it out again 🙂 These were all great suggestions!

  6. I use Canva, Buffer and Google Analystic all the time. dont think highly of tailwind. Found it confusing and didn’t like the idea of paying. But I never knew about Color Story. I use Snapseed alot and love it. Ive just downloaded Color Story and will try it out. Thanks for the suggestions!

  7. I love canva! I don’t schedule any posts as of right now, but maybe I should start! That tailwind app sounds good. For awhile now I have been telling myself i need to utilize pinterest better because I see how many views I get from that…

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