I write. A lot. So it is no surprise that I love reading. Although I have to be honest, most of what I read nowadays is non-fiction. Selected solely for its purpose to both inspire and educate me. I rarely read fiction –  excluding Julia Donaldson and the Biff, Chip and Kipper series every evening at 7:30. But kids’ books aside, I have so little time to read that when I do, I want it do have a dual purpose and motivate me to make small changes and to reach my goals. I’m a woman that likes to multi-task.

And this is why I love reading quotes. They are a snippet of text that can make you feel like someone understands your feelings, or even change your mood. My home is  absolutely littered with powerful and motivational quotes and I not only see them every day, but read and hear them. They settle in my subconscious and alter my mindset. Because words, positive or negative, are powerful and these 5 quotes are almost like my mantra for positive living so I thought I’d share them here.

5 quotes to live by

This quote uttered by the Fairy Godmother in the Cinderella movies is my absolute all time favourite quote. No surprises there,  I am completely obsessed with all things Cinderella – it’s my favourite ever film. I love this quote so much that it is incorporated into one of my most visible tattoos. It means something  me.

The reason I like it so much, and I guess the reason that I love the film so much, is that it gives me hope. Hope that no matter how difficult things may be, or how challenging things are, the ‘miracle’ is slowly building itself and getting ready to appear in my life.

Now, by miracle, I don’t necessarily mean an actual miracle performed by a fairy godmother. I’m still waiting for that. I’m realistic. I mean instead that things will get better and if you work hard enough, persevere and believe in yourself, that your dream and will come true even if it’s not quite what you expect. And that will be your miracle.

5 quotes to live by

Firstly, who doesn’t love Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel? Her story is inspirational and her achievements are completely unrivaled. Even now. For me, Coco Chanel is an ultimate role model for all women regardless of whether they are interested in fashion or not and this quote is so important.

This is one of the quotes that I have in my home. It’s positioned in my bedroom right next to my dressing table and one of the first quotes that I see when I wake up. I love this quote as I used to need the reminder, but for anyone who still needs it, it’s giving you permission to be yourself. It’s a reminder that it is perfectly acceptable to be yourself and it’s only then that your true beauty shines through. I used to need this. Now, I’m more than happy to express my own brand of crazy and me. I’m happy. SO what if I want to rock a full face with Converse and jeans.

If I’m honest thought, I think being committed to being yourself ensures that you radiate happiness. You glow and it’s that happiness and confidence that makes you appear more beautiful.

5 quotes to live by

I’ve only recently come across this quote and it’s amazing! I mentioned before in the post about my mum’s passing that I am a person who likes rules, logic and order. To me everything needs to be explained. Losing my mum and the love of support of others around me had made me realise that this isn’t always the case.

I read this quote when I was struggling to find the new rules for my vastly altered life. What I’ve learnt from this quote is that as long as you aren’t hurting others or yourself, it is okay to not always follow the rules. It’s okay to have grey areas and often it is those grey areas that provide the most fun and happy memories, something I’m definitely discovering right now.

5 quotes to live by

I am the biggest fan of Maya Angelou. Everyone knows how much I adore her work. She was an incredibly woman and an incredible writer. It’s so hard to choose just one quote of hers as she said so much and was so utterly amazing. In my home I have two of her poems (Phenomenal Woman and And Still I Rise) displayed proudly on my wall. I have read the complete collection of her poetry so many times. She is an icon.

This quote stick in my head because it reminds me that my interactions with others are important. I might not remember what I say or do, they might not even remember the exact words that I’ve said to them but I want them to remember that I made them feel positive and left a positive imprint on their lives.

My own experiences of negative and unkind people have reinforced this fact. I can’t remember every single unkind thing that exes might have said or done, but I can definitely remember the hurt and betrayal. I don’t want to do that to others.

I love this quote because it genuinely impacts on how I interact with others on a daily basis. It makes me more mindful of how I am with other people. But also it reminds me to trust my own instincts. If someone makes me feel uncomfortable for whatever reason, my feelings are usually right, no matter what they might say to the contrary.

5 quotes to live by

I’ve saved the most important message for last. Self-care is the most important task that you can do for yourself. As women, and particularly mothers, we tend to put ourselves last.  Everyone else comes first.

The trouble with doing this is that quite simply, we can’t give from an empty cup. Inevitably we crash and burn. I’ve learnt that the hard way. I can’t be the best that I can be without making sure that I feel happy first. My daughters deserve the best. That includes me being the best mum that I can be. I can’t do that without if I’m not looking after myself.  It’s not selfish to priotise my needs and to look after myself. It’s essential.

And that’s it. My list of all the quotes that I love. Honestly, I could have included at least a dozen more but that would be a book and not a blog post!

Do you have any favourite quotes? Which ones do you live by?



97 thoughts on “5 Quotes To Live By”

  1. You have chosen some beautiful quotes. I’m sorry to hear about your mom’s death. It’s amazing how much comfort a short sentence can give if it comes at the right time.

  2. Thank you so much. And you’re so right. Quotes have been so comforting and motivating recently. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I like the idea of beauty beginning the moment we decide to be ourselves. I agree that the most beautiful people are those who are confident in themselves. It is something I am learning to work on x

  4. Gorgeous quotes and I can relate to all of them. The first one has so much meaning for me, after 16 losses I have been blessed with four healthy children. My miracles were worth the wait.

  5. Wow! They really were miracles. So sorry to hear about your losses but pleased to know you have your babies now. x

  6. The one from Audre Lourde is also my favorite. You are right, we always put ourselves last especially if we already have a family. But self preservation is important as well. Coco Chanel’s great too, just be yourself. I love your collection of quotes!

  7. Yes we really do. It’s so easy to put everyone else first but we must remember to look after ourselves.

  8. Quotes are always inspiring and I loved all the above you listed but my current fav is ” surround yourself with people who have Dreams, Desire and Ambition. They’ll help you push for and realize your own(success can be Contagious) “

  9. That is such a great Maya Angelou quote. I never thought about this before but there is such a large truth to people remember how you made them feel. That feeling they will carry with them to other places and other things.

  10. The Maya Angelou quote .. I have that one framed and hanging on my office wall. I heard it a number of years ago, and it literally changed the way I interacted with people. What an amazing legacy she left behind x

  11. I agree with Katherine Hepburn. Am also a rule-follower, and its part of my job as a Compliance Manager. However the perks of being a rule follower is you et to know how to sometimes treak the rules and have fun, and not violating any rules. 🙂

  12. We need to learn to love ourselves more and take time to take care of ourselves. I think these quotes are so lovely. It’s important that we value ourselves as much or even more than we value others.

  13. Cinderella is my favorite too! Ever After is my all time favorite movie ever and I absolutely love the new Cinderella movie too! I love to read a lot as well. It’s funny because I used to read a lot of fiction and now I read a lot of non-fiction funny how that works. Loved the quotes btw.

  14. These are some best quotes you have mentioned. I liked the first and the last one the most. 🙂 Mother’s are the greatest gift to the children. You have to take care of yourselves first so that you can take care of your daughters. Wish you a happy life. 🙂

  15. I am also a big fan of inspirational and motivational quotes. In particular I liked the Mary Angelou and Coco Chanel quotes as their messages resonate more deeply within me. These quotes are good reminders…helps us to reflect on our lives, our interactions and our impact. Thanks for sharing!

  16. You shared some amazing quotes here. I’ve always been a fan of the Coco Chanel and Katherine Hepburn quotes – a great reminder to stay true to yourself and have fun!

    Pri | Paint The Town Chic

  17. These are wonderful quotes! I love the first one! “Even miracles take a little bit of time.” It’s so true. You never notice as something is changing, you just notice when it’s finally complete.

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