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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for a while, never go on Instagram or have no interest in all things makeup (and frankly if that’s the case, why are you reading this blog?!?) then I’m pretty sure that you will have been eagerly anticipating the release of the Norvina palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills.
Personally, I know I was! I love ABH eyeshadows and have been a huge fan (as has nearly every beauty blogger and enthusiast) of the Modern Renaissance palette since its 2016 release. It’s quality is unrivalled but further releases by the brand: Prism, Subculture (which had a whole load of associated drama)  and Soft Glam just haven’t excited me as much as the Norvina palette. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it and it is so amazing that I have decided to tell you of the 5 reasons why I think you need this palette. Because you do.

1. Perfect Pigmentation.

This is a high-end palette, so at this kind of price I  would expect perfect pigmentation and boy do we get it. In fact, I have to be careful to use a light touch if I want a more wearable everyday look as opposed to full on glam. Also there is some fallout with this palette, but honestly I’ve found that tends to happen with all high-end palettes. A light touch will get the colour payoff you want without using vast amounts of product. These shades are extremely pigmented. The swatches below were created with just one ‘swipe’ of my finger (and using my new stencil!) and you can see for yourself just how pigmented the shadows are.
Top row on the left, bottom row on the right. Photo taken in natural light. 

2. Blend, Blend, Blend

One of the reasons why I and many other gave the Subculture palette a miss, was the fact that it was notoriously hard to blend. Thankfully this is not the case with Norvina. ABH have upped their game. All of the shadows in this palette are super creamy and blend effortlessly but crucially they don’t all blend into one muddy mess. This is good.

3. Mix of Mattes and Shimmers

I love a good matte. I love a good shimmer and most of all I love palettes that comprise of equal amounts of both. The top row of the Norvina palette consists of 7 beautiful shimmers and the bottom row has 7 mattes. What more could you ask for?
Norvina palette

4. Purple Heaven

Ever since I started watching Makeup By Tammi on You Tube, I have had a thing for purple eye shadow looks. Norvina delivers. I love the versatility of this palette because the variety of shades has meant that I have been able to create both bold and subtle, everyday pastel looks. Ive used nearly every shade in the palette although predictably, my favourite shade is Rose Gold. I won’t even pretend that I’m any kind of beauty expert and describe the shades to you in my own words because frankly, I’m rubbish at that! What I am is a beauty enthusiast, so I have taken these shade descriptions directly from the Anastasia Beverly Hills website in order for you to get accurate descriptions.

Dreamer – Metallic pink champagne Base – Matte eggshell Summer – Foiled metallic golden topaz Soul – Matte Wisteria Wild Child – Duo-chrome frosty pink with magenta shift Incense – Matte dusty terracotta Rose Gold – Metallic rosewood Love – Matte mid-tone cool pink Celestial – Duo-chrome plum with a violet shift Volatile – Matte warm charcoal Dazzling – Cool-tone duo chrome bronze with a violet shift Eccentric – Matte dark burnt orange Drama – Duo chrome aubergine with a cool bronze shift Passion – Matte deep garnet

Soft pastel look from Norvina palette

5. Packaging

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times, I am a marketing department’s dream. If it’s pretty, I’ll buy it regardless of what it is. Bonus points for sparkly or rose gold. It’s no surprise then that this  is why the Norvina palette speaks to me. It shares the same velvet packaging as it’s predecessors, which although is a slight dust magnet, is so pretty but sturdy at the same time. Plus in my head, the velvet feels so much more luxurious than plastic and for a high-end palette. My top two wishes for eye shadow palettes are: a mirror and the names of the shades printed next to each shade (I think it makes it easier for us beauty novices to follow tutorials). Unsurprisingly, the Norvina palette not only ticks these boxes but also adds a double ended brush which makes me smile, even more so as I’ve taken it on holiday with me! I like a product that makes life easy for me.

So, Have I Convinced You?

To be fair, I don’t think it would taken much effort! The Norvina palette is truly beautiful and the swatches speak for themselves. The only stumbling block that I can see with the Norvina palette is the price. It’s an eye-watering £43. But, using the beauty economics that I tell The Boy, that actually only works out to £3.07 per shadow and even less if you factor in the brush which of course you must. I picked up the Norvina palette directly from the Anastasia Beverly Hills website on release date of 17th July (those of you who know me in person will have realised that yes, that was the day following my heart surgery and yes, I was online shopping from a hospital be but truth be told, I had nothing else to do.) It has now been released worldwide at SelfridgesBeauty Bay and other beauty websites.
Have I convinced you? Will you be purchasing this palette? Let me know your thoughts!

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