The Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance eyeshadow palette has been on my wishlist for so long. Everyone in my life knew that I have been lusting after it since what felt like the beginning of time. I’ve been looking at it online longingly for months and have probably read a million blog posts about it. All they have done is convinced me that it is impossible to call myself a beauty blogger unless I have this palette in collection.

So, a few weeks ago, I clicked on the Cult Beauty website to part with my hard-earned cash and honestly, I have never been so excited about waiting for something to arrive in my entire life. Am I a bad mother if I say this is even including waiting for my kids to arrive, as that was excitement mixed with fear of the pain, this was just pure unadulterated excitement?

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance

Initial Thoughts

As I’d been stalking this for months, I knew quite a lot about it. It currently retails for £41 and is only available online in the U.K. at the moment. I appreciate that sounds like an awful lot for an eyeshadow palette, this is why I was so indecisive about this. So I did my usual, saved up for it, economised and worked out that £41 for 14 eyeshadow seems liked a great deal at £2.92 each. And don’t forget the double-ended brush…

I fell completely in love with the packaging, which is a lovely pink velvet palette. If this were to ever leave my dressing table, I could imagine that it would get filthy but as that is never going to happen, I won’t think about it too much. This is staying under lock and key

The actual colours…

Well… as this palette has been discussed in such detail before, I don’t really feel like I can add much more! Modern Renaissance is comprised of 11 matte and 3 metallic pink, berry and neutral-toned shades. I really love the colour choices as I’ve found them so versatile and easy to create looks for both day and evening.

Modern Renaissance

For a day-to-day simple look,  I have been using Cyprus Umber all over the lid with a mix of Burnt Orange and Raw Sienna taken through the crease. Simple and quick yet very pretty especially as I’m no expert. But that’s another great thing about this palette, the colours are so pigmented that you only need a little, making it even more cost effective. ( Can you tell I’m justifying my splurge?)

All of the shadows blend so beautifully as they are so creamy and easy to work with. The metallics were inevitably creamier than the mattes, but it wasn’t a huge difference. I found there was a little fallout but not too much, as long as I was careful with my brush. I know excess fallout has been a major criticism of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture palette. I’ve yet to try that but in my experience, you have to trade pigmentation for lack of fallout. I’d take nice strong pigmented colours any day. Modern Renaissance is no different to other high end palettes.

Modern Renaissance
My simple daytime Modern Renaissance look.



Note to self: don’t do swatches when the children are around as you end up having to rush and my bangle has left a mark in my arm!  These aren’t the best, but they do give an idea of what Modern Renaissance looks like on darker skin. As always, swatches are taken in natural light and haven’t been edited.

Modern Renaissance Swatches
L-R Tempura, Golden Ochre, Vermeer, Buon Fresco


These are the lightest colours in the palette and the first three I use mostly as highlights for the inner corner or under my brow.

Modern Renaissance Swatches
L-R: Antique Bronze, Love Letter, Cyprus Umber, Raw Sienna


Raw Sienna is such a pretty colour and Antique Bronze is my absolute favourite shade in this palette. It’s such a pretty metallic bronze.

Modern Renaissance Swatches
L-R: Burnt Orange, Primavera, Red Ochre, Venetian Red, Warm Taupe, Realgar


Primavera is such a pretty gold, unlike anything else I’ve ever seen. I really do like Venetian Red but I have found it to be the least pigmented shade in the palette so needs a bit of layering to get the right shade.


If you couldn’t already tell, I love this palette! It’s versatile and is a collection of beautiful shades. They apply beautifully and lasted all day without creasing – I did use my favourite primer but then I always do.

This is an expensive palette but I really do think it is worth it for the quality of the shadows and I’ve yet to come across a good dupe. Definitely a palette for the Christmas wishlist.


Have you tried this? What did you think? Are you in love too? 


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  1. I love the look you created! It really suits you. I still haven’t picked up this palette and not sure I will at this stage as I have far too many unloved palettes already but I’m a huge fan anyway!

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