I had completely forgotten about this box. As much as I like receiving parcels of beauty products, I was getting more than a bit frustrated with continually receiving dry shampoo. I had intended to cancel this box, but with all the fuss of my daughter’s broken leg, I completely forgot!

Birchbox October

Because I’d forgotten about it’s arrival, this was the first box in a while that I hadn’t had a sneak peak online to see what the contents were. So when it arrived it was a complete surprise! I almost never have surprises (The Boy describes me jokingly as a control freak, I prefer organised!) so this was nice!

Birchbox October

What’s inside October’s Birchbox?

I’ll start with the Birchbox exclusives although I was initially a bit disappointed that my only full-size product was only worth £1.50 this month, when previously it’s been much better. However,  it smelt amazing and was created to remind us all to check our breasts regularly so I can’t complain. It’s for a good cause.

Marcelle B.B. Cream Golden Glow Illuminator

I was sceptical about this. Birchbox claimed that it ‘controls shine, evens skin tone, hydrated and calms redness … adding the perfect amount of glow. This product multi-tasks more than me on a school morning but wow, it is amazing! I’ve worn it both alone and under foundation and I just look glowing and healthy. Even the boy noticed how well I looked. Amazing product.

Anatomical Grab Your Melons Shower Gel

As it is Breast Cancer Awareness month, this shower gel was created with Coppafeel to continue to raise awareness and remind us all to check our breasts regularly and correctly. It smells absolutely amazing, nice  and fruity. I only managed to use it once as the kids loved it too and unfortunately they like to use beauty products a bit too liberally…

Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo

Another dry shampoo… it honestly wouldn’t be a Birchbox without the obligatory dry shampoo…

Birchbox October

Modelco Contour Stick

This claimed to have an ‘invisible’ finish and I completely agree. In fact, no matter how much I put on, as soon as I blended it, it became invisible. Disappointed. But nothing will top my beloved Ilamasqua contour gel to be honest.

Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash

Now this I liked. I do quite like Balance Me skincare and this was a no-frills basic cleanser. I couldn’t say how good it was at  removing makeup as I’m still using my Primark cloth that I’m in love with but it left my skin feeling clean and fresh.

Overall, I can’t help feeling a little disappointed with this month’s Birchbox in a way that I don’t with Look Fantastic especially as after the last couple of dry shampoos I made sure that I filled out my beauty profile fully. So, I have decided to cancel my subscription, for now. I’m sure at some point I’ll restart it. I always do.

What were your thoughts on this month’s Birchbox?

Birchbox October


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