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I’m the worst beauty blogger in the world, I cannot believe that I have gone this long without subscribing to a beauty box! I’d heard about them, but always thought they seemed pointless. But I’d read a few ‘unboxing’ posts on other blog so thought I’d try them.

The first one that I decided to try was Birchbox. Their boxes are usually £10 plus £2.95 postage which I think is pretty good considering you get at least one full-size product and the rest of the products are decent sized samples!

June, July and August Birchbox
How beautiful is the packaging?


I signed up for Birchbox at the very end of July because they had an amazing offer where I could get a free mystery box alongside my July box. So, I was more than a bit excited to open my door last week to find that I had three boxes in one go as the August box had been shipped at the same time too.


June 2017 Birchbox

This was the free mystery box so I was unable to select one of the items that it came with, unlike the July and August boxes, which frankly is an amazing idea. The packaging was completely different to the other two boxes, and not what I was expecting at all, but I did love the cute lilac pouch that June’s products came in and I could really see me using it again.

June Birchbox Products


MeechNMia Brow Liner – Full Size

This just wasn’t a great colour for me. It was far too light and didn’t show up. I wasn’t impressed at all.

Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair Cream

I liked this, it was a nice creamy eye cream. I’ve used it for a week and it has helped with tired looking eyes and is a great base for makeup.

Scrub Love Coffee Body Scrub

This is absolutely amazing! I loved  this and will definitely be purchasing the full size. The smell wakes me up in the morning and it is so ‘scrubby’ leaving my skin super smooth. It even gets bonus points for being made from 100% natural ingredients. Amazing product.

Arrow Enhance Waterproof Eyeliner in Bright Now

I used this on my waterline and it just didn’t stay out. When it was there it did brighten my eyes but it barely lasted an hour. Disappointing.

This Works Perfect Legs Skin Miracle

This scared me when I squeezed it out of the container as it was a orangey brown colour. Don’t be fooled by my mixed race face, my legs are definitely white! This cream did make my legs look smoother and gave a really subtle sheen. It smelt great too.


July BirchboxThis was the first box that I paid for on my subscription, so I was able to select a product that I wanted to try. I was given the choice between two Benefit tints, and I selected the Gogotint as it’s new and wasn’t due to be released until the end of July. I love sneak peaks!

July Birchbox ContentsProducts:

Percy & Reed: Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Overnight Recovery 

I couldn’t use this! It smells amazing but I have curly hair and strictly follow the curly girl method so there was absolutely no way that I could use this. I gifted it to someone whilst on holiday!

Benefit Gogotint Lip and Cheek Tint

I chose this product hoping that it would be better than all of the other Benefit Lip and  cheek tints that I’ve tried over the years. I was wrong. On my lips it was patchy and drying, on my checks it dried too quickly to work with and blend properly, leaving obvious stripes. I just wish Benefit spent more on product development than cute but impractical packaging. Awful. Rant over.

Balance Me Flash Cleanse Micellar Water

This smelt amazing with chamomile, neroli and mandarin oils. It cleansed my makeup away without problems and a little goes a long way. It’s also 99% natural. I loved this and will almost certainly repurchase.

Rituals Hammam Delight Foaming Shower Gel

This was my favourite product. It smelt amazing, just like a holiday and left my skin so soft and the scent lasted for ages. I will definitely be purchasing this.

Pop Beauty Bright Up Your Life Eyeshadow Trio in Champagne Mocha

These were just average eye shadows if I’m honest. They were nice neutral colours that needed an eye primer underneath to make them show up better but they blended well enough and looked pretty. Perfect everyday eyeshadow.

English Laundry Signature EDP

This is a lovely, fresh and feminine scent. It lasted quite well and I enjoyed wearing it as it was different from my usual scents.


August 2017 BirchboxHow gorgeous is this mermaid inspired box? It’s beautiful! This month the full size gift was the choice of brush, and I inevitably chose pink! I will definitely be keeping this beautiful box.

August 2017 Birchbox Contents  Products:

Spectrum Collections A05 Brush in Bomb Shell

This pretty brush is so soft! I was impressed. It’s also the perfect tapered shape for highlighter and bronzer, I like it!

Loc One and Done Shadow Stick

According to Birchbox, this would provide ’11 hours of creaseless colour’ and it did. I applied this and blended with my fingers for a soft pretty look.

Number 4 Sugar Texturing Spray

I couldn’t use this on my hair, but did on my eldest daughters as her hair is a slightly different texture to mine and it made her curls look even prettier!

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Or 

This multi-use oil (made from a blend of six essential oils and vitamin E) can be used on your face, body or hair to add a little sheen. It smells absolutely amazing or as my 5 year old said, “Mummy, you smell like the beach.” I used it to make my arms have a subtle glow and it looked lovely. It contained tiny particles of glitter and felt moisturising. I really loved this and have already ordered the full-size.

Whish Renewing Mud Mask

This exfoliating mask contains fruit enzymes and according to Birchbox, it is recommended to ‘brighten and purify’ and leave on for no longer than 2 minutes, and only 15 seconds if you have sensitive skin. I do at the moment, so 15 seconds it was for me and if I’m honest, I didn’t really notice a difference.

Will I Continue With Birchbox?

I loved the packaging and the range of products that came with each box. It was such a great way to try products and I’ve definitely found a couple of amazing products.  I also loved that I had a choice – albeit limited – of a product for each box. That’s a great way to ensure you get at least one thing you like.

The only reason that I won’t be continuing with Birchbox is that they deliver with Hermes who drive me absolutely potty! I’ve had so many bad experiences with them that I avoid them like the plague. So, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that one day Birchbox change couriers and I’ll be re-signing up like a shot.

Have you tried Birchbox? What are your thoughts? Can you recommend any other beauty subscription boxes? 

41 Replies to “Birchbox Unboxing”

  1. These seem like nice products, but according to you some of these products weren’t that great. Also, since I’m on a rather tight budget now, I probably won’t be purchasing any beauty boxes anytime soon. And I don’t even know if these are even available in my country!

  2. Haven’t tried Birchbox! it’s interesting to open boxes – it creates the same feeling of opening Christmas gifts!
    Hope to get one or try one soon!

    God Bless!
    JM Kayne | #InMyHeart♥

  3. I’m big on beauty as well and also am not subscribed to a beauty box! I have heard about Birchbox and these look like products I’d use. That overnight recovery sounds amazing!

  4. Birch box is such a great way to discover new products. I love the idea of a mystery box, because it definitely would encourage me to step outside of my beauty-products comfort zone. I will have to check out their website!

    ~ xo Sheree

  5. I have a love hate relationship with beauty boxes. I love subscribing to them and receiving a beautiful surprise every month, I find it hard to actually finish products that I accumulate. Also, some products may not agree with me, which I then donate to friends and family.

    Lubz ||

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