I tend to find foundation quite a boring product to buy; it either does the job or it doesn’t. It’s not a pretty colour or interesting texture. It just doesn’t excite me. Because of this, I often only have one foundation on the go at a time and the one I’ve just finished is Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer.

I originally bought this because me skin was extremely hormonal after having Miss A and I needed a full coverage foundation.  Until then I’d been using BB or CC cream but they just didn’t help disguise the breakouts.

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation in Honey

The first difficulty I had with it, was finding a shade. It took three matches and sample pots before I bought the shade Neutral. If you’re a Clinique customer you may find it tricky too as the shades really don’t translate between each different foundation. However, once matched, the colour was nice and matched perfectly but whilst this foundation did it’s job, it’s not the one for me.


  • It is a full coverage foundation so if this is what you need, it does that. It covered my acne scars and blemishes well especially if you use the tip of the applicator to dot on the product.
  • Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer is reasonably priced at £25 for 30ml and as is it full coverage, a little goes a long way and it should last a while. Mine definitely did.
  • I found it lasted on the skin for quite a while and I didn’t notice that it oxidised and turned yellow like I often had with MAC foundations.
  • It photographs well and doesn’t leave a lighter appearance when photographed but this is most likely due to a lack of SPF in the product which I’m a little dubious about because frankly, SPF is essential.

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation in Honey


  • It’s just so heavy and thick. I can imagine that accidentally applying too much is really easy to do and then getting that awful ‘caked on’ appearance as a result.
  • I found that it transferred really easily and if I touched my face and then my diary, that telltale little fingerprints would be left.  I didn’t really like this it just looked messy.
  • I tried several primers with this foundation and still found that they gave a cakey impression and I felt like I had too much make up on my skin.
  • The doe foot applicator to me felt unhygienic as you had to use it to get product out and it was easy to see the build up of the product. To me it also seemed odd to put the applicator on blemishes and then have to then use the same applicator all over the face and back into the product.

Clinique Beyond Perfection Foundation in Honey


Overall, this foundation did a job for me. I used it when I needed a full coverage foundation and it did it was required to do. I don’t think I’d rebuy it thought as I found the applicator very annoying if I’m honest.

If you are going to try this foundation, the best finish I could get from it was to dot (rather than the recommended swipe) on needed areas of the face and then blend, blend,  blend with a stippling brush. I can’t emphasise the importance of blending enough with this. Doing this seemed to give a lighter finish and left it feeling less like a mask.

Have you tried this? Can you recommend a better full-coverage foundation?

Clinique Beyond Perfection Foundation in Honey



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