I’ve finally admitted it. I am a completely and utterly obsessed with all things beauty. Am I a beautyholic? Or a beauty addict? Who knows what the noun is. Whatever it is, I am it. Although to be honest, I’m not sure that anyone is surprised by my admission. If you’ve ever seen my dressing table, makeup bag, face, or come to think of it, my credit card statement, you’ll know that I’m obsessed with makeup, beauty products and the occasional pair of shoes.

Luckily for my purse, I don’t discriminate either. I’m an equal opportunities makeup shopper. From high street to high end, I buy across the spectrum of products. I research my beauty product purchases extensively and spend many hours wandering the beauty halls of department stores and high street stores collecting as many samples as possible. I’m determined to find the holy grail of products.

Makeup Is My Art…

I wouldn’t really describe myself as creative yet I’ve been interested in makeup and the beauty industry for as long as I can remember. To me, makeup is an art. All the different colours and textures and the millions of ways they can be combined to make a different look, intrigues me.

Beauty Addict Make Up Mess


I couldn’t even begin to tell you the amount of hours that I have spent reading fashion magazines, scouring the internet and browsing department stores over the years on the hunt for new ideas and products to try.

For me, makeup is part-indulgence, part-necessity. I like having that little bit of time to myself every morning to apply my ‘face’ and ready myself for the day ahead. It makes me feel like me. I like having the opportunity to create new looks to reflect my mood. Sometimes makeup is my armour to hide my feelings from the world, but often it is my signal to say ‘hey this is me, I’m here!’ Almost like an actress getting ready for a role.

My Face, My Rules…

When I talk about my love of beauty products, I often get mocked. People tell me that the fact that I spend so much money on makeup must mean that my self-esteem is low. I must be shallow. I’ve been asked umpteen times why I don’t have anything better to spend my money on or why I’m so vain.

beauty addict makeup mess

I’ve lost count of the amount of times that I have been criticised for some of my more expensive purchases. Hand on heart, I don’t buy products for the name alone (sometimes I’m extremely swayed by the packaging). If the colour, texture or longevity works for me, it’s mine. Be that Tom Ford, Mac or MakeUp Revolution. My response to people who comment on my purchases always is the same, ‘when you pay my bills, then you can comment.’ I understand that some people don’t choose to use makeup, and others like myself love it. Live and let live. My face, my rules. Makeup isn’t hurting anyone.



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My journey with makeup

The only issue that I have had in my journey with makeup, is finding colours that are suitable for my skin tone. When I first was allowed to wear makeup, I duly went to Boots and tried to buy foundation to cover my blemished skin. It was extremely difficult to find a colour match for my skin. Even now No.7 do not have a match for me.

I realised then, that as a mixed-race woman, I wasn’t being represented. I wasn’t being recognised. But this didn’t surprise me. Even though I lived in a large city, I was already used to having to travel for miles to find my hair products, why would my make up products be any different?

Beauty addict make up mess


Twenty years later, (wow, I feel old), the situation is so much better. It’s still not perfect, but I can walk into department stores or high street stores and find a larger range of products. It’s not a guarantee, unfortunately. There are still brands that don’t cater for my skin-tone. Marc Jacobs, I’m looking at you.

However, things are slowly changing and when my daughters are older and inevitably experimenting with makeup more seriously (they love to play with it now), I hope that there is an even bigger range of products for them to explore.

My next hope is for the media to also recognise that a more diverse range of women need to be represented more fully in advertising, magazines and articles. I enjoy reading beauty blogs and magazines but often have to skip past the beauty pages as they do not  feel relevant to me. This isn’t right.

Beauty addict make up mess


The techniques apply to me as they are transferable, but I want to also see products that are appropriate for my skin-tone. And yes, even at my age, I want to see role models that look like me. I want my daughters to see women in the media that look like them too.

What next?

So, that takes me to my why. Why I am writing this blog? Because as much as I love beauty products, I am also a writer. I felt that I needed to combine my passions and create something. I love my day job, I love being a mum, but I also enjoy expressing myself.

I read so many beauty blogs and I love that they are so diverse and show so many different aspects of beauty and makeup products. With this blog I’m hoping to bring my own unique spin on makeup and beauty through the eyes of a beauty-addicted mama.

What has made you a beauty addict?

Confessions of a Beauty Addict Post

2 thoughts on “Confessions Of A Beauty Addict”

  1. I definitely do not think that you are shallow for loving beauty so much. What people do not understand is how like you said it is a passion and it is art too xx

  2. It really is! Plus it’s my hobby. I’m working on trying not to be bothered by other people’s opinions.

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