I must admit, I love a good favourites post! It must be my naturally curious (some might say nosy) nature but I find it so interesting to see the things that other beauty and lifestyle bloggers are buying and loving. Not only do their choices inspire me, I also love seeing how they use products if they have the same things as me!

This favourites post, my first, is a bit of a mix of all the things that I have loved during the last few weeks. If you’re following me on Instagram you would undoubtedly have seen my love for some of these. I’m not shy when I love something and could go on about it forever!

Minnie Mouse PurSe

In case the tattoos, Pandora jewellery and constant chatter escaped your attention, I’m more than a little obsessed with all things Disney. Luckily for me, Primark have THE best range of Disney accessories and when I saw this purse, I had to have it. I’m not going to lie, I wanted it mostly because the bow is covered in glitter! Amazingly, it was only £6 and I honestly think it looks a lot more expensive. I use this purse everyday and although it is made from faux leather, it holds up really well in my handbag and hasn’t started peeling or looking damaged.

Minnie Mouse Purse Five Favourites

Barry M Runway LIP Kit

I’m ashamed to say I have had this Barry M lip kit in my collection for ages but had never, ever used it. It’s only been since I recently began a low-buy, that I decided to hunt through my collection for anything I hadn’t used to give it a go. I’m so glad that I did because this pretty berry colour is just gorgeous and brightens my face. Every time I wear, it I get told I look glowing and frankly, I’m not complaining!

Favourites Barry M Runaway Lipkit Swatch

This lipkit comes with the standard pencil and matte liquid lipstick and retails for £6.99 which given the quality, is an absolute steal. The pencil is so soft and creamy and I’ve often worn this alone with just a lip balm underneath for a pretty understated look. Adding the matte liquid lipstick gives me a more polished look which last for hours and whilst there is some transfer, it’s minimal. I am seriously impressed with this and may need to try out the other shades. Roll on the end of my low-buy.

Lottie London Balm Ball Favourites

Lottie London Balm Ball

I know I’m not the only one who has several different lip balms stashed in my flat, car and in my desk drawers. I hate the feeling of dry lips and have to keep a lip balm to hand at all times.

I tried the Lottie London Balm Balls a while ago when the Caramel Apple scent came in one of my beauty subscription boxes and I was hooked. It smelt absolutely gorgeous. I’m currently alternating between the Cherry Pie and the Strawberry Shortcake scents and both are just as great. Not only do I love the scent, but I like that the Balm Ball is shaped like a cone. I think this makes it pretty easy to apply directly to the lips rather than having to use my fingers. This is quite a thick lip balm and very moisturising so a little really does goes a long way. This lasts for ages.

Gordon’s Pink Gin and Fentiman’s Rose Lemonade

I am pretty sure I am a marketer’s dream. You can make almost any item pink, hike up the price and I’m bound to buy it. I’ve always been a spirits person and even as a teen on nights out I’d drink gin and tonic rather than alcopops so this pink Gordon’s Gin definitely appealed to me. I’ve moved away from the humble tonic water and pimped my gin with the gorgeously pink Fentiman’s Rose Lemonade and a handful of frozen raspberries. Absolute perfection!

Pink gin rose lemonade favourites

Personalised Phone Case

My previous phone case was black and starry which was pretty but it felt a bit too wintery. I needed something bright, pretty and ready for Spring and Summer. This pretty rose gold and marble phone case fits the bill. I hate having a bulky phone case and this one is slim, feminine and as it is personalised there is little chance of me losing it!

What do you think about my favourites? Is there anything that you’d like? What are your current favourites?

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