I am almost completely obsessed with lipstick, but I actually wear eye shadow every day. Let’s be honest, eye shadow is still makeup. I am completely obsessed with all makeup products so it’s safe to say that I own a fair amount of eyeshadow too.

In my experience, finding a good budget eye shadow palette is not the easiest thing to do as a compromise has to be made in terms of either colour payoff or longevity. However, there are some really good examples of budget makeup ranges on the high street and I really recommend:

  • Make Up Revolution – found in Superdrug
  • Ps… By Primark  – see my review on the PS range here.
  • Sleek
  • H&M

These are ranges that I have tested and used quite a lot myself. I’ve heard really good things about the makeup range at New Look, but have yet to try it.  It’s on my to-do list, along with many others! Makeup is my hobby.

fortune favours the brave

As I’m such a fan of bright lipsticks, the eyeshadows that I tend to wear on a daily basis are more often than not bronze, brown or gold tones in order to be as natural as possible and not clash with my lipstick. I also think that it is much easier for budget eyeshadows to create a good natural colour and in my experience. With the exclusion of Sleek whose pigmentation is excellent. Brighter budget eyeshadows tend to be quite sheer and need to be built up quite a lot. This is then a false economy as they hit pan sooner. Though honestly – has anyone ever finished an eyeshadow?? I’m digressing… The first palette in my mini-series is:

Fortune Favours The Brave – Makeup Revolution

This palette was a collaboration between Make Up Revolution and Jane at British Beauty Blogger and as an avid reader of her blog I was really excited to try this when it was released last year. I have other Makeup Revolution palettes, and whilst they are not bad at all, Fortune Favours The Brave is just a cut above.  It has a range of 30 different eye shadows and I think that all of them are wearable and usable. There are no filler shades here.

Fortune Favours the brave Swatches
Top Row

The first thing I that I will say that I love about this palette is the packaging. The trouble with a lot of budget ranges is that they tend to try to be targeting teenage girls with limited resources and their packaging reflects this. However, we busy mums also have an eye out for a bargain too, as paying for nappies, swimming lessons and replacement school cardigans adds up.

Fortune Favours the Brave is contained in nice simple plain gold packaging with a huge mirror. (I need this, it’s one of the few that my kids haven’t managed to get their sticky fingerprints all over.) It also comes with a small brush, which whilst it isn’t as bad as sponge applicators, it is still a bit scratchy and I only used it once before deciding to stick to my usual brushes.

Fortune favours the brace swatches
Second Row

If you are not a beauty addict and only have a few eyeshadows, this would be a good all round palette to have. The range of colours and finishes mean that you would be able to create both day and night looks easily.  The shadows are of a good quality and most of them have a creamy buttery feel. One downside is that they are also quite small in size so if it’s your only palette, it might get used up quickly.

Even without an eye primer underneath the eyeshadows last a while without creasing or fading. I am a primer obsessive so I nearly always wear these with primer.  The eyeshadows are quite pigmented so they look true to colour when applied ok the eyes.

Fortune favours the brave Swatches
Third Row

The marbled colours look so pretty in the pan and this is the same on the eyes too. The shadows in the first row of the palette are quite powdery.  I found that I needed to put quite a bit more on to build up the colour but then I am darker skinned.  On lighter skin, it would probably show up more easily.

Fortune favours the brave Swatches
Bottom Row

Overall, I love this palette and use it at least once a week, for me this is almost unheard of! The shimmer colours are so buttery and wearable for work and at only £9.99, it’s an utter bargain.

Fortune Favours The Brave can be found here.

Fortune Favours The Brave



34 thoughts on “Fortune Favours The Brave Review”

  1. Interesting colours. First time seeing this brand. I bet they look great on you! They seem to be very shimmery and pigmented. Eye shadows can be quite expensive so this looks like a great choice and addition to your makeup collection.

  2. This reminds me of UD’s Naked palettes only this one has more colors. I love that there are mattes and shimmers! Perfect for everyday use!

  3. I don’t use make up, so my comment won’t be of any use, but I can say that I like those colors, kinda wonder how they would look on you XD

  4. I don’t wear a ton of make up, but I certainly do appreciate a quality budget item. Love the colors, especially the shimmer.

  5. Nice variety of shades. A palette worthy for work and outings is hard to come by so you lucked out. $13 is pretty affordable, shipping is always a killer tho.

  6. It is a really affordable palette and I agree with shipping costs being a pain. It always stops me from buying some great products.

  7. These are beautiful colors and I also tend to wear more of the earthy tones myself. Trying to find the perfect colors and fit for sensitive skin on a budget is also hard. Thank you for sharing such a great post. I really like the “Fortune Favors The Brave” colors the best. I really look forward to seeing your other posts too!

  8. Thanks so much for reading! I can agree finding colours on a budget can be hard. It’s why I keep buying and testing make up! ?

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