Now, if you’ve ever been on this blog before, you’ll know that I’m partial to a subscription box or two. Well to be honest, that’s an understatement. I have a whole section of my blog devoted to subscription boxes! Who doesn’t love having a parcel delivered every month? Whilst I love receiving beautifully decorated boxes full of makeup and skincare products, even I can concede that I can live without them. So, I decided to try a few different subscriptions to beauty essentials.  You know, the boring things that you need but don’t get excited about buying.

Friction Free Shaving
Can you tell I’m also a fan of all things rose gold?

Subscription Options

The idea behind Friction Free Shaving is simple. You sign up and in the first month you receive a razor and 4 replacement blades, then continue to to receive monthly refills for the razor of your choice. There are add-ons such as shaving cream for your monthly subscription but, I didn’t try these as I stuck to my trusty men’s shaving foam. However, I’ve heard good things about them.

Subscriptions start from £5 for  the Frankie. For this, expect to receive a standard plastic razor with a 3-blade head. Functional but not pretty. As I’m obsessed with all things rose gold, I went for the Rose which is £9 a month and comes with a 6-blade head that includes a bikini blade on the back (designed to neaten those edges.)

Using the razor

When my first box arrived, I was pleased to see that it arrived in a slimline package meaning it fitted straight through my letterbox. I immediately love any company that saves me a trip to the post office. I’m easily pleased.  The packaging however was plain and didn’t seem to do the razor justice.

My disappointment faded when I opened the box.  The razor itself is beautifully finished, a gorgeous rose gold colour and has a weight to it which made it easy to control and feel like a luxurious, quality product. This looks absolutely beautiful in my bathroom.

Each box came with 4 refills and they are designed to be changed weekly. This is something that I used to forget to do with my old razors and would sometimes have a dodgy shave. Because I have the Friction Free Shaving refills to hand, I find that I change them when required.

However, I don’t know if it’s because they are available  or because they need to but I don’t think that these blades seem to last much longer than a week’s worth of shaving. I seem to have to change them more frequently than I have in the past with other razors. But, I have to say, I get a good close shave and my legs always feel smooth. The Rose does what it’s supposed to.


I hate to say it, but I am the type of person who cares about how a product looks and this does look great. That is a huge plus for me. What can I say? I’m shallow!

However, I do like the idea of it too. It’s just so easy. I will always need razors and having refills sent conveniently to my door once a month seems like a great idea. I don’t think the razors are the best quality out there, but when I consider the price, aesthetics and convenience, Friction Free Shaving is definitely worth subscribing to.

Have you ever tried Friction Free Shaving? What was your opinion? Can you recommend any subscription boxes for me to try? 


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