By Naomi

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times, but Look Fantastic are my favourite box: packaging and products, they really put the effort in. And they pulled out all of the stops for their 4th birthday box. I could tell it was going to be special one from the gorgeous packaging.

Happy Birthday Look Fantastic

But let’s be honest, any box that includes a packet of Parma Violets and a mazgazine is always going to be amazing in my book. But the products in this month’s box were jut the best I have ever received in a beauty box.

Look Fantastic Birthday Box

Omorovicza Ultramoor Mud Mask

I was first introduced to Omorovicza in a previous Look Fantastic box and fell in love. Their lightweight moisturiser was perfect for my skin but unfortunately is it so far out of my price range that it might as well be in space. I just can’t justify that sort of cost. The Ultramoor Mud Mask is sadly also out of my price range, costing £68 for the 50ml full-sized jar and honestly, I’m gutted! 

Happy Birthday Look Fantastic

The Ultramoor Mud Mask has a subtle marine-type fragrance and I’m not sure why, but that always reminds me of being at a spa. Because of that spa-scent, this felt like a treat to use. The first time that I tried the mask it did tingle a little but this disappeared quickly and didn’t cause any redness. (I do like a reassuring mild tingle though, as it feel as if it’s doing something.)

Each time I used the mask, I left it on for 20 minutes, but it actually dried in about ten, leaving a lovely grey mask on my face – my youngest said it made me look like a zombie. No tight feeling occurred so I probably could’ve worn this for even longer.

After washing it off with a warm cloth, I could see an instant difference in my skin. It glowed and felt so soft. Thankfully I managed to get three uses out of the 5ml sample size and it has made such a difference to my skin. I may need to make an investment…

Eve Lom Cleanser and Muslin Cloth

I absolutely adore this cleanser and this was my go-to cleanser pre-kids and the accompanying fiscal responsibilities. I’m digressing… At £55 for 100ml, I had to give this up a good while ago, so receiving this as a deluxe mini in this month’s box has quite literally made my day. It feels like my own birthday which let’s face it, is always spent with beauty products.

Happy Birthday Look FantasticI know that as much as this is a cult product, a lot of people do not like this because it contains mineral oils which for some, can block pores. From my own experience of having blemish-prone skin with dry patches, I find that by following the directions for us use TO. THE. LETTER (and I mean no deviations at all) that I manage to avoid blemishes. When I’ve used this regularly in the past my skin is glowing.

Aromatherapy Associates Revive Morning Bath and Shower Oil

I’m really into bath and body products at the moment and have been trying everything from kid-friendly, sweet-scented Imperial Leather shower gels to Molton Brown product. Understandably, I was delighted to receive this bath oil. Like the two previous products, this is definitely a high-end beauty product and costs a whopping £61 for a full-sized 55ml.

I didn’t love love this but nor did I hate this. In fact, I loved the smell of it. I can’t comment on whether or not it makes you feel awake in the morning as I used it at night but apart from making my bathroom smell amazing, I’m not sure what else this really did besides look pretty on my bathroom shelf.

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

I know that lots of people swear by this as it’s pretty popular. Unfortunately, like with the majority of hair products that I receive in beauty subscription boxes, this isn’t curly girl friendly so I haven’t been able to use this.

Happy Birthday Look Fantastic

Mane N Tail Original Hoof Maker Hand and Nail Cream

When I first saw this in the box, I wondered why Look Fantastic had sent two hair products in the same box as this is packaged exactly the same as the brand’s shampoo. I’m not entirely sure why… Packaging aside, this is a nice moisturising cream, with hardly any scent that leaves my hands feelings moisturised. A good basic hand moisturiser.

Happy Birthday Look Fantastic

Lord and Berry Strobing Pencil

I just wasn’t a fan of this. Admittedly, I’m not a huge fan of Lord and Berry products. Their products do not wow me, so it’s rare that I love their products and this was no different. I think on lighter skins it would a lot work better but I found it not only too light but difficult to blend and as a result look quite harsh on my skin.

Overall Verdict

I know there was one product that I didn’t like and another that I didn’t use but I still loved this box – and not just because of the Parma Violets! Although they helped, a lot. At £13, the 4th birthday edition of the Look Fantastic box was worth it for the Eve Lom Cleanser and the Omorovicza mask alone. This month’s box feel very well-thought out and luxurious and now that I’m on a much tighter budget is a much welcome treat.

What would you be pleased to see in a beauty box?

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