I love any excuse to buy a gift and a card for someone. I love an excuse to dress up and decorate my home, I’m just that way inclined! So even though I was single this year on Valentine’s Day, I decided to make a fuss of the people that I love most in the world – my daughters. We made it a day to celebrate all kinds of love. And of course, I had to treat myself especially as self-love is important too.

I am that mum who puts the Christmas decorations up in November, so the first thing I looked for in order to celebrate Valentine’s Day with B and A, was decorations! I went a bit mad and overdosed on candles, confetti and red heart cushions but the girls were absolutely thrilled to see them and it made their day. It’s a shame their day had to start at 5am.

How I spent Valentines As A Single Mom


I managed to find the girls a card that combined two of their favourite things – Disney Princesses and glitter which made their day. Miss A seemed a bit confused by it all though and asked if it was her birthday. Her elder sister abruptly broke it to her that she has months and months until her birthday, but I think the chocolate love hearts and new teddy bear as a placated her.


I was thrilled to receive a card from them too, clearly they’ve been busy in after school club. But it was nice this year to receive a card from the girls that they had made themselves and written in. It made me feel even more loved by them. Apparently I’m the best mummy in the whole world,

We spent the evening having our favourite dinner (pizza and chocolate mousse), followed by bizarrely playing party games. I asked them what they’d love to do with me and the response was ‘play Pass the Parcel and Musical Statues’, which was surprisingly fun! Dancing to Little Mix with a hyperactive toddler is amusing!

How I Spent Valentine's Day As A Single Mom

My kids are girlie girls at heart so I knew they’d enjoy yet another bath bomb! Miss B is obsessed with Lush and Yankee Candles so they had a Think Pink bath bomb as small treat and were so excited!

Bath and bed was surprisingly calm on Valentine’s Day. I thought the chocolate hearts  might make them hyper but tiring them out with Musical Statues is the way forward. This meant that I had lots of time to enjoy my Valentine’s present to myself.

I ordered this bath caddy from Etsy and I absolutely love it. It’s such a simple but yet a genius idea! I love relaxing in the bath with a good book and scented candles and this made it so easy. I also treated myself to a nice bath bomb – Twilight which is my favourite, and a glass of mango juice as I just didn’t fancy a glass of wine.

How I Spent Valentine's Day As A Single Mom

It was nice to treat myself and to spend quality time with the girls on a weekday evening, as it is unusual for me to completely stop on an evening and relax. I tend to find a million and one tasks that just have to be completed which leaves my evenings quite rushed.

Valentine’s Day is a bit of a cliché but I have really enjoyed it! I enjoyed spending quality time with my girls and it was nice to focus on myself for a change. Maybe I should make it a weekly thing?

How did you spend Valentine’s Day?

How I Spent Valentine's Day As A Single Mom



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