So, I’m now 34. Most definitely in my mid-thirties and I now can’t get away with ambiguously saying I’m early-thirties and rounding my age down to 30. If I’m honest, I was dreading my birthday as it was the first one without my mum. Fortunately family and friends rallied around, and although it wasn’t exactly the day that I had planned, I had a nice birthday weekend.

Unsurprisingly, makeup and beauty related gifts and activities featured really heavily on my birthday and I have received a huge haul of goodies! I do feel really blessed. Plus I think it helped that my birthday was around Black Friday and there were bargains to had by everyone.

Celebrating with the girls

Miss B is a kind little soul and last year it really bothered her that on my birthday there wasn’t the usual decorations, special breakfast and cake that they always have. I actually thought that was so sweet of her to think of me. Clearly I’m raising a compassionate child. Bonus points to me.

Birthday Cake

With a joint effort from The Boy and my dad, my flat was decorated with banners, I had a cake (with pink candles – this was especially important!), my favourite dinner and a special unicorn themed breakfast. I felt extra special. I even got flowers.

The most important thing was that I had a card from the girls. As a single mum, this doesn’t always happen because I don’t really want to organise it myself and it’s difficult to ask someone to do it for me. So I was absolutely delighted to get not one but two cards from the girls – especially as one was handmade.

Birthday cards and flowers

Birthday lunch

My birthday was on a school day, so for the day itself I went to school as usual and met up with my sister and dad for a small celebratory drink. I had intended to get my nails done but Miss A had apparently been sleepy and grumpy at school all day so  I didn’t feel like I could leave her at after-school club whilst I went to get pampered.

The next day, was a weekend and I was planning to go for lunch with my sister and my dad after getting my makeup done at the Kat Von D counter. Which should’ve been a nice, relaxing day except my car broke down – luckily just before I got on the motorway – but it did mean that my day got pushed back a few hours! The staff at Kat Von D were amazingly accommodating and pushed the appointment back to late afternoon so that I was able to go after lunch which I was happy about because I’d been looking forward to it.

Birthday lunch

In the end, we had a lovely lunch at Zizzi which was absolutely gorgeous, I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed eating there. My buttered king prawn starter was beautiful. But the nicest part of the meal was just having the opportunity to spend time with my sister and dad without all the kids causing merry mayhem. I even got to finish all of my own food by myself, which is always a bonus and so rarely happens.

Birthday Haul

I always buy myself a birthday present, and this year I decided to go for the Kat Von D Saint and Sinner palette.  I’m so glad I bought it, the colours are beautiful and extremely pigmented. I actually bought it a while ago in preparation for my birthday  because it was on offer and we all know that I can’t resist a makeup related bargain! And this was a steal, as I got it when the counter had 15% off and I had £20 worth of store vouchers to use up, so it only cost me about £25 instead of the usual £52. Bargain!

Birthday presents - Saint and SinnerBecause it was Black Friday, I happened to accidentally find myself on the Tam Beauty website and picked up a  couple of palettes in their 70% off sale. I got their dupe of the Kat Von D Shade and Light plus the new Chocolate Elixir palette as I am a huge fan of that range. I think I have nearly every one of their chocolate palettes. The quality is amazing considering they are only £9 each.

Birthday present

The Boy, ventured to Harvey Nichols and  picked me up an item from my other current beauty obsession, Fenty Beauty. The Galaxy eyeshadow palette is just so pretty. The packaging alone is gorgeous and the shimmery eyeshadows are just beautiful. I can’t wait to have a proper play with this. Look out for a review soon.

Birthday Haul Fenty Beauty Galaxy Palette

Birthday Makeover

This was the part of my birthday that I was most looking forward to! Kat Von D (like a lot of makeup counters) offer a service where you can get your makeup done. The cost of having the makeup artist attend to your face is then taken off the cost of any makeup that you purchase.

The Boy organised this treat for me and I was thrilled as I am more than a bit obsessed with Kat Von D at the moment – the products are amazing and cruelty-free, what’s not to like.

Birthday makeover

The finished look was a lot more makeup than I usually go for, but I absolutely adored the look! It looked stunning.  The experience has definitely inspired me to get out of my comfort and experiment with new colours and techniques.

Rebecca, the makeup artist was fabulous. She listened to my ideas and gave tips and mini-lessons along the way. To be honest, that alone would have been worth the £50. It was so informative.

Birthday makeover

I wish I could’ve afforded to buy everything that was used, but as I now have a car repair bill, I thought I’d better be sensible. Luckily for me it was the Black Friday weekend, so I managed to also get an extra 10% off my purchases. I picked up the Shade and Light Glimmer eyeshadow palette, an Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita and of course the Lock-it foundation. All of which I will write a more detail review on soon. I just need the time to explore it all.

Birthday haul Kat Von D Although my birthday didn’t go exactly to plan with a sick kid and broken-down car, it actually was quite nice. I’m not going to lie I had a few tears because I missed my annual 5:05am call from my mum, but it was good to spend quality time with my family sharing memories. I’m sure she was with me in spirit. Also, being pampered wasn’t too bad either! I can think of worse ways to celebrate getting another year older. Roll on 35!

How do you celebrate your birthday? Let me know in the comments.

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