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I’m more than a little obsessed with all things Tam Beauty at the moment. I had a mini haul on their website last week and I am so pleased with the products that I just have to share them with you lovelies. There will be an actual haul post next week detailing everything that I bought, but I just had to share these with you because I’m so in love with their cuteness that I felt that they deserved a post all of their own.

I Heart Revolution Surprise Eggs

If you’re a mum, you’ll already know about surprise eggs and will have watched countless videos on You Tube with your little ones. Believe me, I feel your pain… If you haven’t got kids, I won’t spoil the joy of watching the videos that you’ll undoubtedly enjoy in years to come,  but to summarise, it’s basically a plastic egg with a toy or sweet inside (both if you’re super lucky!) and now Tam Beauty have brought out a grown up version. I was holding out for a diamond and a gin cocktail surprise egg makeup will have to do.

So What Are The I Heart Revolution Surprise Eggs?

Six of these surprise eggs have been realeased and they are currently only available on the Tam Beauty website, but there are plans to stock them in Superdrug stores like the rest of the Makeup Revolution range. Each egg surprise costs £5 and contains 5 powder eyeshadows and 2 powder highlighters.

The available shades are:

  • Gold (gold/brown shades)
  • Rose Gold (pink shades with added shimmer)
  • Mermaid (greens and blues)
  • Unicorns (purples)
  • Dragon (warm browns and reds)
  • Angel (cool-toned neutrals, silver and lilac)

I’m a magpie and a sucker for anything metallic and rose gold so naturally I went for the Rose Gold and Gold surprise eggs.


As already mentioned, this surprise egg comes in a shiny gold case and contains 5 mini golden and brown shade of eyeshadow and two gold-toned highlighters.

I Heart Revolution Gold Surprise Egg


This egg contained 2 shimmers and 3 matte eyeshadows. When swatched with my fingers, the shimmer eyeshadows were amazingly pigmented and felt so creamy. I found it hard to replicate this effect with a brush and had to use my fingers to pat on the shade to look similar when on the lid.

I Heart Revolution Gold Egg Surprise

The matte shades although nice were not as pigmented and it took a more than one swatch to get an opaque colour. I also found that they crumbled in the pan quite easily which was a problem because of the nature of the palette, the loose powder fell into the highlight.

All 5 of the shades in this palette were not the easiest to blend, but it was worth putting the effort in as they looked pretty when applied and managed to last quite well with a primer underneath.


When I opened the palette and first saw these it was obvious where the inspiration had come from: Fenty Beauty Trophy Wife.

I Heart Revolution Gold Surprise Egg Swatch

The bottom shade is definitely reminiscent of Trophy Wife, but with possibly a bit less shimmer. These swatches were done with just the one swipe and looked beautiful as they are so pigmented. I’m such a huge fan that I’d argue that they are honestly worth £5.00 on their own. They are that pretty.

Rose Gold

Will you not judge me if I explain that I bought this shade solely for the packaging? I’m so obsessed with all things rose gold so I figured that if this didn’t work for me, it would at least look pretty on my dressing table!

I Heart revolution Rose Gold Surprise egg


There were four instead of two shimmer shades in this egg and as with the Gold egg, these shimmer shades were more pigmented but tricky to blend.

I Heart Revolution Surprise Egg
Excuse the messy swatch, my toddler was interested in this! Clearly she’s a magpie too…


I found it more difficult to create a look with these eyeshadows as the matte shade was quite dark and I prefer a lighter transition shade, so I found I had to use this palette alongside another to create a look that I liked.


I’m not usually a fan of pinky-toned highlighters, my personal preference is gold or bronze ones, however these (particularly the first one) look pretty.

I Heart Revolution Rose Gold Surprise eggLike the Gold egg, the highlighters are pigmented and creamy. For me, the highlighters are the best part of these palettes. Did I emphasis how much I like these highlighters?


Let’s face it, these are a gimmick, and are a bargain bit of fun for this time of year. However, for the price of £5 each, the product inside is pretty good because Makeup Revolution are known for their quality and consistently produce great affordable products.

The eyeshadows are ok if you are prepared to work on blending them, a fact that I can overlook at less than £1 each. Where the eyeshadows were average, the highlighters are beautiful. In fact the Trophy Wife dupe is perfect for carrying in your bag when you don’t want to tote the very expensive original with you.

The packaging is  9/10 of the reason I made the purchase and it is adorable!  These would be a great alternative to an Easter egg for a teen or any makeup addict. I’m tempted to ask The Boy to get me one of the other colour for Easter instead of chocolate. Or maybe as well as chocolate, I’d be crazy crazy to refuse chocolate .

What are your thoughts on these? Are you tempted to buy some?

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