Even as an introvert I understand the importance of a community and that feeling of togetherness. We all need it. It’s important for all women to share their experiences, learn from those before us and guide those that come after us. It was this thinking led to Gorgeously Fabulous, the Beauty Addict Mama private community for  mums who want to feel like themselves every now and again.


Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.


  Helen Keller


Whether you’re a single mother, have been married forever or somewhere in between, our little community will help you feel like yourself. Even when the kids have had you up all night, you’ve got a busy week ahead or have a work deadline looming, Gorgeously Fabulous will be here to help you feel amazing because even mothers shouldn’t lose their sense of self.

Happy Mama = Happy Baby.


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If you’re the type of mum that likes to look good and feel better, head on over to our private group  – Gorgeously Fabulous by Beauty Addict Mama – to continue the chat with like-minded mums. Make sure that you subscribe to the newsletter first, in order to get the secret code. (If you have toddlers you’ll know that Suzy Sheep inspired this!) Look out for discount codes for health and beauty products, giveaways and printables to help you organise your busy life whilst looking and feeling fabulous at the same time.


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This one is for all my fellow bloggers out there. I’m a huge fan of Tailwind Tribes as I really do feel they help your posts to reach a wider audience. So let’s share the love. If you think that your posts would fit on the Beauty Addict Bloggers tribe, feel free to join us! It’d be lovely to have you in our little community.


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