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Anyone who knows me in real-life has probably been waiting for this post, I probably talk about this planner more than my daughters. I have been obsessed with planners for the last 6 months and it has taken me that long and going through another two planners (one broke, one was too small) before becoming enamoured with the Kikki K large planner in Rose Gold. I’m irrationally gutted that it’s no longer in stock so that I can have a backup because I think I’d cry if I remember lost it. Luckily for me, all Kikki K planners are so pretty, I’m pretty sure I’d find an equally stunning replacement.

About Kikki K

The company was founded by Kristina Karlsson who needed pretty stationery to help her organise her life,  (who doesn’t?) couldn’t find it in the UK so designed her own.

There is a store in Londen’s Covent Garden, which I could honestly spend many an hour in looking at the beautiful notebooks, planners, stickers and pencils. Thankfully for those of us who don’t live in London or venture there often,  almost all of the products (including a monogramming service) can be ordered online from the website.

Kikki K Planner
The packaging almost made up for the delay.



The only issue that I found with purchasing online was the delivery time. I’m not sure if I ordered at an unusually busy time, but it took over a fortnight for my planner to be shipped. Considering that delivery cost £6, this did frustrate me a little especially as a week after purchasing my gorgeous rose gold planner was reduced by 30%. And it still hadn’t drives. However, what did make me smile was when I contacted Kikki K about this, they refunded me the difference and my planner became a total bargain.  Amazing customer service.

What I Love About My Kikki K Planner

Well firstly, it’s a beautiful rose gold colour, which is my favourite colour. I’m seriously addicted to anything rose gold, so straightaway the colour alone made me love it. Each planner also comes with stickers to personalise the inserts and notepads for jottings which I thought was great for when I need to jot something down quickly or to mindmap ideas.

Kikki K Planner

The planner contains 7 laminated dividers to separate your notes and each divider in my planner has a different rose gold pattern and inspirational quote, which being obsessed with quotes I actually love. Three of the tabs are labelled for you (Calendar, Meetings and To-Do) with the rest ready for you to customise with the included stickers, making a truly personalised planner.

Kikki K planner dividers

How I Use My Kikki K Planner

When you order the planner it comes with a month at a glance undated calendar. I mostly use my monthly planner as a blog post planner and to schedule my posts and post promotion for the month ahead, so a monthly planner is all I need. If you want a daily or a weekly planner, you will need to order the Time Planner inserts which cost £9 for the 2018 large size. If you think you might want these, I would recommend ordering this at the same time as the planner to avoid double delivery costs and the excessive delivery time. (Can you tell I’m still aggrieved by the delivery costs and time taken??)

Kikki K Planner

Next in the planner comes the meeting pages and I use these to (predictably!) note down any ideas from my Skype or Zoom meetings allowing me to keep any ideas and plans all in one place. I am a bit disorganised and have a memory like a sieve so find if I note everything down, I won’t forget the conversations.

Kikki K Planner

I love the To-Do list pages because they are so spacious, although I do wish that they had a tick box as I just find ticking off my to-do list weirdly satisfying. However, I can live without this, as in an attempt to be more focussed, I only ever put 5 items on my to-do list anyway so I can actually fit quite a few to-do lists on one page. I just need to focus on actually completing the lists…

Kikki K Planner

The rest of the tabs in my planner are used for recording long-term and short-term blog related tasks and ideas. Mostly mind mapping ideas and noting down post ideas when I get the chance, so that Beauty Addict Mama has some sort of structure. The inserts for these pages are all the same as the meetings pages for the earlier tab but I think maybe plain or dotted inserts would be a great addition to the Kikki K planner. I’m tempted to see if I can find any compatible inserts in Paperchase to be honest as their large planner is the same size.

At the front and back of the Kikki K planner, there are two little plain notepads, but as they are not hole-punched (or the right size) they would be difficult to include as an insert. They are however, useful for writing little notes and doodling.

 Kikki K planner

Overall Verdict

I absolutely love this planner to help me organise my blog. It has lots of great sections and it look so super pretty. Even the inside is a pretty pink and white polka dot pattern. Thanks to my planner, I am much more organised and focussed with my blogging as my ideas and plans are stored in easily-found sections instead of in my head.

Some people use their Kikki K planners to organise their day-to-day life and I just don’t think I could, as although I love it, it’s really heavy! On the rare occasions I leave home with it, it really does weigh down on my shoulders and takes up a lot of space in my handbag. However, they do come smaller sizes so if you’re looking for a planner to use for everything, check out the smaller (and hopefully lighter) sizes.

Kikki K planners are not cheap. This one was nearly £40 in the sale, but I think that’s a reasonable price as the quality shines through. I have tried other planners and the ink went straight through the paper, which was more than a little pointless as I then couldn’t use the rest of the planner.

If you’re looking for a pretty but functionable planner, I really do recommend the Kikki K planner. The fact it is so pretty did really encourage me to use it, and the website has so many things to choose from to help you fully customise your planner and make sure you get the best from it.

How do you organise your life? Do you use a planner? Let me know in the comments.


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  1. I love planners! I am a bit obsessed myself. I’m going to really utilize my planner in 2018, keeping track of work related things, blog posts, and appointments. Your planner is gorgeous! I like rose gold too, it’s so pretty and feminine.

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