Have I ever told you how much I love Primark? So many great things under one roof and utter bargains too. Well… it’s a bargain if you buy one or two items, possibly not if you buy what feels like 30,000 makeup items stuff into those little brown paper bags. However, it’s Primark! I just can’t resist.

Lots of what I have tried at Primark is amazing so I don’t actually mind browsing and picking up a few items to try. I tend to try Primark for items or colours that I’m not 100% of. That way, if it doesn’t suit me, I haven’t lost a complete fortune.

These items have been bought over the past couple of weeks, so hopefully they should still be in stock. This is one of the downsides to buying Primark Makeup. If you buy it once and love it, it’s damn near impossible to find it again. The other being that stores are often so busy, that entering on a Saturday afternoon is a nightmare with products all over the place with people swatching every single item so that’s it’s almost impossible to find an untouched palette.

But however tricky it is, there are some great items to be found in Primark and they are cruelty free too which is always a bonus. And did I mention the price? All of this cost me less than £10!

Lip Kit in Cookie dough

Primark Makeup Lip Kit in Cookie Dough It seems like everyone is jumping on the Kylie Jenner bandwagon and producing lip kits. This matte version  is £3 and comes with a liquid lipstick and a lip liner, just the same as all lipkits.

Primark Lip Kit Cookie Dough

I actually quite liked this even though the colour didn’t suit me at all. I’d quite like to find this in another colour because I tested this at home and it impressed me by how long it stayed on for. It was also pretty comfortable to wear and didn’t look or feel drying at all. Don’t you just hate when a matte product dries and shows every line or crack in your lips?

Primark lipkits Swatch


Cleansing mitt

Halloween is approaching and witchcraft and wizardry must be the only reason that this works. I literally can’t work this out! All I have to do to remove my makeup (and I wear a lot!) is to wet the mitt (with warm water) and then wipe it over my face which saves me from overloading my skin with chemicals.

Primark Haul Cleansing Mitts

This only cost £2 for two mitts and the are reusable, although I’ve yet to find the best way to clean them. Any tips? I’ve also heard that that these mitts are amazing with micellar water for removing makeup so that’s my next thing to try.

Just Peachy Eyeshadow Palette

It’s not hard to identify the inspiration behind this palette – it even has a fruity scent to it. And let’s be honest, at £4, it’s worth trying as a more purse-friendly alternative to Too Faced’s Sweet Peach (which is amazing by the way but does cost £39.)

Primark Haul Just Peachy


The palette contains 9 peach, orange and gold tones with 4 shimmers and 5 matte shadows. This was quite clearly a popular palette as it took me ages to find one and then the challenge was then to find one that hadn’t been touched and destroyed.

Primark Haul Just Peachy

The shades were so pretty and although the pigmentation wasn’t great, it was much  better than I expected. I found that they looked even better of a primer. The mattes needed more work to blend than the shimmer shades, but I tend to think this is true of most palettes if I’m honest.

Primark Haul Just Peachy Swatches

Overall, I’m happy with my mini-haul. I do quite like Primark makeup and it’s perfect for experimenting as it’s so purse friendly. This little lot only cost me £9. Bargain!

Have you tried Primark Makeup? What are your favourites?



14 thoughts on “My Latest Primark Makeup Finds”

  1. Sounds like a good makeup kit! Unfortunately, I don’t wear makeup all that often and they probably don’t sell these in my country, or do they (U.S)? Good, clear colors on the palette and the prices aren’t all that bad either!

  2. I looked for all of these on my last trip to Primark and couldn’t find them! They must be so popular!! Great post though, I’m going to keep an eye out for those!

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