First and foremost, I must thank Stephanie at Nude Lip Diaries for inspiring this post! I love her blog and read it regularly. The first post that I ever read on her blog was this, where she shared a week of lipsticks and I absolutely love the idea!

I decided to try it myself when I had a week off work so that I could really experiment with my lipsticks – I have a huge collection but often end up finding myself reaching for the same nude lips for work and bright reds for the weekend. I thought this week would give me the chance to explore my stash and experiment!

Day 1:

Mac Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour in Feels So Grand

The first day of the challenge was a Saturday. I almost always wear red lips on a Saturday so I didn’t change my routine. I did find myself reaching for one of my favourite lip colours (see my review on it here!) as I had a lot of errands to run and wanted something long-lasting. Pre-kids I used to love reapplying makeup as it felt so glamorous, now I barely have time to visit the bathroom without a follower.

Lipstick Diaries - Mac Feels So Grand

I enjoyed wearing this lip colour as I always do! It’s bright and red is definitely my favourite shade to wear but I am trying to challenge myself this week so needed to try something a bit different before I got too comfortable!

Day 2:

Nyx Lip Lingerie in Push-Up

I’ve wanted this for a while but was put off when someone told me that it feels horrible on your lips. I’ve even heard that it felt like wax! I just couldn’t stop looking at the colour Push-Up and the other three NYX lip products that I’ve tried, I really liked so, I thought I’d give it a go.

Nyx lip lingerie in Push Up

And I have to say I liked it! It did have an initial stickiness but it wasn’t that bad. I’ve had much worse. It wasn’t amazingly long-lasting but at the same time, again, it wasn’t the worst product I’ve ever used. I actually quite  liked the natural look for a walk around the Botanical Gardens looking at their dinosaur exhibit!

 Day 3:

H&M Velvet Lip Cream in Dare Me

I really wanted to like this as I have been really impressed with other H&M products that I have tried recently (especially the Ready, Steady, Glow eyeshadow Palette!) and Dare Me didn’t disappoint.

Lipstick Diaries day 3

I found it was a silky liquid lipstick with the texture being not too dissimilar to Collection’s Velvet Kiss which I also love. Like Velvet Kiss it smelt amazing and went on easily with a lovely matte finish. This dries quickly so make sure that you pay attention when applying, this is not a product that you can apply on your commute.

As it turned out, I was staying at home, baking and making pizzas with my two little girls so it was fine for me! Dare Me didn’t last as long as some of the other liquid lipsticks that I’ve tried and definitely not as long as Feels So Grand. However, I loved the colour and felt it suited me so I can’t complain too much. I’d definitely wear it again!

Day 4:

MUA Sweet Sheen Lip Balm In Rouge Rumba

This was a strong, bright red in the packaging so I was surprised by how sheer it was when I came to wear it. It is a lip balm, but it was extremely sheer. I could actually wear this to work. It’s that subtle.

Lipstick diary day 4

In this picture I have actually layered it up quite a bit in order to get some visible colour. It is a pretty colour though and is perfect for a casual day    out. Because this is a lip balm, it is extremely moisturising and therefore comfortable to wear.  Perfect for my day at the nature centre and a product that I think will find its way into my work bag.

Day 5:

Charlotte Tilbury Carina’s Love

This is by no means a new lipstick of mine. I’ve had it ages and absolutely adore it. But I woke up in a grump and needed something that perked up my mood. This lipstick always picks me back up again and makes me smile! I do love it. It’s lasts an absolute age and when it fades, it fades into a beautiful even lip shade. I am almost completely in love with this. I keep meaning to buy more of these in different shades to try!

LIpstick Diaries - Carina's Love

Day 6:

Collection Velvet Kiss Moisturising Lip Cream in Caramel

This was a spur of the moment lipstick decision because I have lost the lipstick that I really wanted to wear today, MAC’s Persistence. I really hope it turns up as (and you’ll know this if you follow my Instagram page) I absolutely love this! Caramel is a similar colour so I decided to wear this instead. Not that Caramel is second best, I really like it (so much so that I wrote a whole post about it!)  and not to mention that it is an utter bargain at only £3.

Lipstick Diaries - Collection Velvet Kiss

This is a nice nude colour on me and smells absolutely divine, if you like sweet, buttery, vanilla type smells. Which I do! It has a matte finish, but as the name suggests, it is actually quite moisturising and doesn’t feel at all drying.

Day 7:

Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Lip Kit in Regal

Now, I have to admit that I wasn’t expecting much from this. I tried this in Reign and really didn’t like it at all. Somehow it’s different in Regal which is a beautiful orangey red. I really liked it on.

It was quite sticky initially but the stickiness did wear off after a while. But what I loved most of all with this, was the longevity.  This did not budge. Even after eating, drinking and kissing my kids. Very impressive when you consider it’s only £6 for a liner and a matte liquid lipstick!

And the week is over! I’ve really enjoyed this challenge as I have managed to try some of the new products that have been languishing in my in-tray. I think for the next few weeks I’m going to shop my stash and try to see how many new looks I can create using the products I already have as I have some great products hiding in my cupboard! Time to experiment.

Do you get in the habit of wearing the same products day in day out?

96 thoughts on “Lipstick Diaries – A Week of Lipsticks”

  1. I usually lean towards the matte and the darker colors when it comes to lipsticks! I really love the shades that you picked though, they’re all perfect for everyday wear especially to work.

  2. Fun post! Love the idea of a week of . My favorite look was the red in your first photo. It’s one of the hardest colors (I think) to pull off and you did it beautifully!

  3. This is such a fun post! And wow! You do so much during your week! I like how you talked about how long each one lasts. I never thought to pay attention to that with the different brands I wear.

  4. I have to admit that, even if NYX LIP LINGERIE IN PUSH-UP was good-I-mean-not-too–bad in your opinion, is he one whose color and effect I like the most and I find it amazing for you. Why is it called push-up?

  5. Aw thank you! I’ve absolutely no idea about the name but I do like the colour! Haven’t stopped wearing it since I ended the challenge!

  6. You look lovely in those red lipsticks. I am obsessed with lipstick, this is a great post idea. I did a 50 shades of lipstick post, it took me ages, this is a far more manageable option xx

  7. I love their first one. It matches your shirt so well! I have recently gotten better about trying new lipsticks and have found that the shades I thought I would like weren’t that great but the ones I was skeptical on look great!

  8. Something about t the color Push-Up caught my eye. I love matte lipstick and this had a really warm yet light tone to it.

  9. I really liked this post, I too am a makeup fanatic but usually stick to the same favorites. I used to wear red but I feel so weird when I wear it now. I think I may have to challenge myself to wear different shades of lip color. Thanks!!

  10. This post is really interesting as I’m still new to lipstick (I find the idea of it a bit weird so I have been slow to try). I was wondering if you would recommend a particular colour for someone with pale skin?

    Also I loved how you changed up your hair along with the lipstick every day. It was nice to read and follow ?

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