I’m always glad to see a beauty subscription box arrive but this one really made me smile! Mostly because it contained an Elemis product and I’ve yet to find an Elemis product that I didn’t love. The problem being that they are unfortunately currently out of my price range. But yay for Look Fantastic as the sample size received in this box was rather generous. Cue a happy me.

Look Fantastic June

So… what was in the box??

I know I say it every month it can we just appreciate the beauty of this box. It is just stunning! Each and every box is designed beautifully. If I had the space, I’d keep them but I’m already such a hoarder that the last thing I need is more stuff. What I loved about this box is that it came with ideas and tips to help you repurpose the boxes and ideas included as a jewellery box or as mini bookcases. I hate waste so these ideas were greatly received although they may encourage more hoarding…

The theme behind this month’s box was hydration and luminosity. I almost cheered when I saw this. My poor skin is suffering after beginning a new prescribed acne treatment, that I need all the hydration right now. Who would think I’d be dealing with hormonal acne in my thirties? *sigh*

Real Chemistry Environmental Rescue Essential Day Cream

I loved the packaging for this, it was such a cute little pouch which would save space on your dressing table. Bizarrely, there wasn’t any information about this product in the Look Fantastic box so I can’t tell you anything about the ingredients. But it left my skin feeling soft and moisturised so I can’t really complain.

Studio 10 Liquid Foil I-Radiance

This promised to be a long-lasting and creaseless liquid eyeshadow. I have to say that it lived up to the claims. I loved the sparkle and I’ve used it so many times to create a spotlight eye on top of nude eye shadow. Simple and quick but effective.

Look Fantastic June Unboxing

Mádara SOS Hydra Moisture + Radiance Mask

This is not only organic, but also vegan friendly which I know is important to a lot of people. That means that not only is this kind to the environment, it’s actually completely awesome. This mask is suitable for all skin types and left my combination skin glowing. I’ve never noticed my skin feeling so moisturised and soft. I used it as a quick moisturising face mask as well as trying sleeping in a thin layer on my face and décolletage. Either way it was a pampering treatment and left my skin looking amazing. This will be being repurchased regardless of cost. I’ve fallen in love.

Elemis Superfood Facial Wash

I do try to get my greens and superfoods into my diet, but it doesn’t always happen because let’s face it, chocolate tastes much nicer. However, at least by using this wash my skin is feeling benefit from superfoods. This wash includes wheatgrass, kale and nettle, and I doubt I’d like those in a smoothie so I get the skin benefits but without enduring the taste. I’ve used this for two weeks now and it has definitely helped to keep my keep skin clear and glowing. I love this.

 Look Fantastic June box

Rituals The Ritual of Dao Body Cream

Is it me or is the constant change in the weather playing havoc with your skin. My skin is incredibly dry at the moment and is soaking up all of the moisture. (As is my hair but that’s a whole other story.) The Rituals body cream has the fragrance of white lotus and Yi Yi Ren (a herb used in traditional Chinese medicine) and smells gorgeous. It’s a creamy, nourishing moisturiser and has left my skin silky smooth. This, like all Rituals products, felt so luxurious to use.

What I Didn’t Try…

Just by the nature of beauty subscription boxes there are always a couple of things in each box that you don’t love, or very rarely, won’t use. This month was unusual in the fact that there were two products in my box that I wouldn’t use. The rest of the box is great, so I can live with that.

Vita Liberata Fabulous Self Tanning Tinted Lotion

I won’t lie, the thought of using this did appeal, because even though I’m mixed race, my legs are incredibly pale! However, given that the shade is unlikely to suit me, I didn’t try it. I did notice that this self tanning lotion claimed to have ‘no odour technology’ which prevented that horrible fake tan smell. For that reason alone, I almost wish I’d tried this and all recommendations for self-tanning lotions for darker skin are greatly received.

Christophe Robin Cleansing Volumising Paste with Pure Rassoul Clay and Rose Extracts

I’ve received  this in previous boxes, it seems to be a beauty editor favourite. And although the fragrance and premise interest  me, I wasn’t completely convinced that it was curly girl friendly so didn’t use it. I really fancy trying this so if there are any curly girls out there that have used this, please let me know!

Which products do you use for hydration? Would you be tempted to try any of these?

Look Fantastic June Subscription


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