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I have to say, this box is stunning! I literally gasped when I saw it, it’s that beautiful! Look Fantastic are definitely my favourite boxes as they are usually the best packaged with sturdy boxes and tissue paper, they always seem to look like a gift to yourself and that’s never a bad thing.

Look Fantastic March 2018

So, What’s In This Month’s Box?

The theme of this month’s box was Beauty Empowered. I actually found this phrase interesting as I took this to mean becoming empowered by both inner and outer beauty, which is always important. It’s the whole thinking behind Beauty Addict Mama. The only thing was, whilst I loved the theme, I actually couldn’t see how it translated to the products in the box. So if anyone could explain, I’d be really grateful!

Skimono Foot Mask

I tried the hand version of this a while back and absolutely loved it because it really worked. This was equally amazing. The serum contained shea butter and olive oil to soften and moisturise your feet. I love the idea of the little plastic boot to put on as well to make sure that this isn’t a messy treat. Genius idea!

Omoriovicza Balancing Moisturiser

I’d never heard of this Hungarian brand but I did like the fact that is was a  lightweight moisturiser designed for oily and combination skin. I’m definitely on the oilier side of combination at the moment so this was perfect for me. It’s not groundbreaking and I haven’t noticed any drastic changes to my skin but it’s a good basic moisturiser.

Renu Advanced Anti-Ageing Flash Relax Mask

I’m a huge fan of masks, although at the moment, I tend to prefer sheet masks. However, anything that claims to have anti-ageing properties piques my interest. As we all know, skin tends to get more dull with age and this Renu mask contains Vit c and B5 to boost radiance.

The name of this mask implies that you’ll get an immediate result.  I’ve used it twice and I didn’t really see a huge improvement. My skin felt soft but I didn’t notice any difference with regards to radiance or any other anti-ageing effects.

Look Fantastic March


Skinchemist Rose Quartz Lip Plump

This contains Vitamin E and peppermint oil to help plump the lips. I definitely felt a slight tingle but I didn’t notice any plumping effect but I already have quite full lips anyway so I’m not sure they could get much bigger.

Stylondon Oval Face Brush

Another brand I’d never heard of, but then to be fair, I’m loyal to my Real Techniques and Spectrum brushes. I was sceptical about oval brushes as frankly, they seem like a fad. But this is so soft and blends my contour quite well that it’s my new favourite brush!

Doucce Freematic Eye Shadow Duo – 78 Kate and 81 Tenley

I’m the biggest fan of eye shadow, it’s literally my favourite product to buy so I always get excited to see it in my beauty boxes.

Look Fantastic March 2018

These were such pretty shades of brown with a hint of shimmer when I swatched them. They complimented each other beautifully, but for some reason they didn’t seem to last very well on the lid. They just seemed to vanish by the end of the day which was so disappointing and when applied with a Mac 217, they seemed to lack pigment and could hardly be seen on my eye.


Overall, I was quite happy with this box which has made up for the recent disappointing boxes. Even though I didn’t love every product, I loved having the opportunity to try such a diverse range of products and particularly from new brands. This the main reason that I subscribe to these boxes and I’m glad that Look Fantastic are back on track. I’m already looking forward to the next box.

What would you like to try from this box?

Look Fantastic March 2018

12 Replies to “Look Fantastic March 2018”

  1. You good some nice products. I have hear about this beauty box by look fantastic. on the beginning of the year I could make my mind with beauty box shall I oder, at the end I go with the domestic company of my country. I’d love to try beauty mask 🙃

  2. I still haven’t decided how I feel about oval brushes. How often do you think you’re going to use yours and how likely are you to buy another one? Absolutely love the idea of a foot mask. Will definitely be getting one.

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