I’ve had such a hectic month of preparing to move house, decluttering and frankly just relaxing with my kids that I had completely forgotten about this box until it arrived. And that almost never happens.

Look Fantastic May

So, when the postman delivered the Look Fantastic May box, I was pleasantly surprised. Especially as normally I am stalking the mailbox in my building and  furiously refreshing Track and Trace in anticipation of the arrival of my beauty boxes. My postman actually comments on the amount of parcels I receive.

So what’s in the box?

First things first, how great does this box look? I may not wear colour but that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate vibrant colours. And with the distinct lack of sun here in the UK, I could do with a bit of a summery colour scheme coming into my life. This bright orange and fuschia box fits the bill.

Look Fantastic May

Even when the Look Fantastic boxes have been less than amazing, I’ve always loved the packaging. This is primarily because it’s obvious that so much thought has gone into them. Because they are gorgeously presented in sturdy boxes and wrapped in pretty tissue paper, they always feel like a huge treat to myself but then, I’m a complete sucker for packaging. I won’t lie, I think if everything came in tissue paper then the world would be a happier place. I can’t help but think of the joy unwrapping my grocery shop would give me but I digress…

The products

Avant RNA Serum

There are lots of things that I love about being in my mid-thirties, the first signs of ageing is not one of them. This means that now, anti-ageing products always interest me.  This serum from Avant contains RNA and Arginine and both act as antioxidants.

The brand claim that this serum helps to ‘radically combat signs of ageing’. Personally, I’m not so sure. Since receiving this, I’ve used it a few times and although it’s pretty lightweight and great under makeup, I don’t think I’ve noticed enough of an improvement to my fine lines to consider a full-sized purchase.

ThisWorks In Transit Camera Close-up

If you haven’t already figured it out by reading previous posts. I’m a lazy kind of beauty blogger. If it makes my life easier, I love it. It’s for this reason that I love multi-tasking products and this mask, moisturiser and primer all-in-one is great! I’ve mostly applied this directly to clean skin and followed with my makeup over the top and I’m impressed with how it looks. I love that it can even be used in the eye area ensuring that it not only makes my morning skincare routine a lot quicker, but it also declutters my dressing table.

Look Fantastic May


I love a good face mask and this one was a lot of fun! I’ve seen a lot of the bubble masks on Instagram and was curious to try one. There’s no doubt about it, it was a fun product to use. It tingled a little as it quickly bubbled up. In fact, by the end of the 20 minutes, there were so many bubble that I couldn’t even see the original sheet mask. But did I notice a difference in my skin? Not really. My face felt super clean but to be honest almost too clean and even the oily areas of my combination skin felt too dry.


Despite the fact that I am a huge fan of a couple of Sleek Makeup products, particularly the Solstice highlighting palette, I have yet to try the contour kit. The kit in my Look Fantastic box came in the Medium shade and to be honest, knowing how pigmented Sleek products are, I was a little worried that it would be too dark. I love powder highlighting and contour products and this is a new favourite. The highlighter is actually quite subtle and gives a natural glow. I’ve worn it constantly this week.

This is easily my favourite product from the box so don’t be put off by the colours in the pan. The contouring powder really isn’t as dark as it looks. Personally, I found it gave quite a natural look which is perfect for those days that you don’t want a heavily made up look.

Look Fantastic May


I’m really fussy about eyeliner as I seem to have the oiliest lids known to man, literally every single eyeliner transfers on me. This one was no different and disappointed me. Even with my favourite primer, this eyeliner didn’t stay that well and definitely didn’t make it through the day. Although I wasn’t a huge fan, I have to say that this was pigmented and the perfect black, or just didn’t work for me.

Spotlight Teeth Whitening Strips

I’m sure this would be a great product for lots of people but this just isn’t for me. I’m far too anxious to use anything like this, (I’m the same with hair dye!) so I didn’t try it! The whitening strips contain hydrogen peroxide which helps to break down stains. I’m just not so sure myself. Having seen how much my dentist charges for whitening treatments, I have to admit I’m a little dubious that these would work as a long-term fix but they might be perfect as a quick fix. If you’ve tried these or similar, let me know your thoughts.

Look Fantastic May

Have you received this box? What were your thoughts?


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