By Naomi

I am a huge H&M fan and was thrilled when my local city finally got a store and saved me a 45 minute journey just to have a look at what they had to offer.

The new store has been open a few weeks but I’ve not really had the time to properly browse, until recently. And then I went mad and had a mini haul but bought no make up at all! Although honestly, I could’ve spent hours in the makeup department alone it is the biggest I’ve ever seen in a H&M store. I will definitely be paying a visit there next time I am child-free!

H&M beauty display

I bought a few things for myself and a couple of things for the girls and spent about £35 in total which actually I thought was pretty good! Another reason why I love H&M, total bargain!

My H&M mini haul

Top – £12.99

As you can see from the picture, this top is that lovely crepe fabric that creases when you so much as look at it, never mind have your toddler screw it up and put it into her rucksack to ‘help’ you get it home. I didn’t let that put me off – I really liked this top!

H&M Nude Tshirt

It’s a long t-shirt and quite light and thin. In fact, I had to wear a little camisole top underneath as I didn’t fancy flashing the whole world! But perfect for keeping cool as it gets warmer. I thought it was a pinky colour in the shop but it was closer to a nude/pink instead. It came in other colours (red, black) and different prints (stripes and floral).

I thought this top was a real bargain! I styled it with blue jeans, tan brogues and my beloved leather jacket.

Coin Purse – £2.99

This metallic rose gold colour seems to be everywhere at the moment and I really like it! And I think the printed statement is cute!

I needed a coin purse because the Michael Kors Jetset purse that I use had no space to put coins and I was forever losing coins in the bottom on my handbag. It was driving me mad. I thought this little coin purse was a cheap and easy alternative. It’s small so I don’t mind having two purses in my bag and to be fair, I have the space – my handbag is huge.

H&M Coin Purse

Face Mask – £1.99

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have already seen me rave about this Charcoal and Pumice face mask. It really left my skin glowing. I’ve recommended it to at least 3 people already in the 3 days since I tried it. It’s amazing!

H&M Charcoal and Fig MaskH&M had a huge range of facemasks on display and it was so hard to choose but this one jumped out when it said that it is designed for tired skin, which I really need at the moment.

The mask had a gritty texture but it was comfortable on and didn’t feel tight when it dried. It did take an age to wash off but I can honestly deal with that in order to get the result. My skin looked radiant and felt very soft.

H&M Charcoal and Pumice Mask

I was quite generous with how much I used and in hindsight, I probably could’ve got two applications out of this. I now know for next time as I’ll definitely be repurchasing.

Bow Hair Clip – £3.99

Back in January, I decided to make a bit more of an effort with my clothes and accessories as frankly I am the type to wear jeans, t-shirt, Converse and a full face of make up. I’m trying!

H&M Faux Leather Hair Bow This bow is different from what I would normally wear and is girly even though it is made in a faux leather fabric.  I wore it with a ponytail and I had a few compliments so clearly my accessorising must be improving!

Basic Hair Clips – £1.99

Nothing too exciting, just a basic clip to wear when I need my hair pulled out of my face which is pretty much all of the time. I really hate having my hair in my eyes.  H&M and Primark are perfect at these bargain essentials.

H&M Basic hair clips

Hair Bobbles – £2.99

These aren’t for me! My little girls love these brightly coloured hair bobbles and use them for bracelets as well. As they are plastic they don’t break easily and they also don’t snag their hair. Plus the bright colours are perfect for my little girls. I’m not quite ready for neon accessories yet.

H&M Hair Bobbles Have you hauled lately? What did you get?

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