In my opinion, most make up, especially foundation, looks a lot better when it has been put on with a brush or a sponge. There are some amazing brushes available – I am a huge fan of the Real Techniques brushes. However, when using brushes, it is important to remember to clean them properly and regularly. There are two main reasons for this. Firstly, make up brushes can be a breeding ground for bacteria and nobody wants bacteria around their faces. At best, using dirty brushes can cause blemishes, at worst it can cause infections, especially if used around the eye area and blemishes and eye infections are not a good look.

The second reason that I believe that it is important to clean brushes is because, it allows the make up to go on smoother and have a better finish. The colour is truer. Imagine trying to put a cream product on with the build up of weeks’ worth of products left on the brush. Both the colour and the texture will be compromised by the residue of old make up. This  why I feel it is so important to clean make up brushes carefully, or if you fell like you don’t have the time to clean them, do as a friend of mine does and buy cheap throwaways or even use disposables. But whatever you do, don’t use dirty brushes on your beautiful face and then dip them into your products! And if you use your fingers, make sure that they are clean and don’t double dip.

Makeup brush cleaning routine.

OI personally prefer to use good quality make up brushes. Personally,  I see them as an investment and believe that I get a much better finish with a brush. I do use sponges for blending but I do mainly use brushes. My favourites are brushes with that have soft, but synthetic bristles, I am really not about to endanger animals in order to get the perfect crease or contour.  I love brushes from:



Real Techniques

I was told that my brush cleaning routine is time consuming, and admittedly it will take time if you have a lot of dirty brushes to clean first, but if you are starting with clean brushes, it really is a couple of minutes daily maintenance.

What I do daily:

I spot clean the brushes that I have used that day and the cleaner that I use depends on the amount of brushes to clean. If I have just used a large brush for my foundation then I use the Primark Brush Cleaner. I fold kitchen roll into quarters, spray about 5 sprays of the cleaner onto it. I then hold my brush upright and it in circular motions in the cleaner until the kitchen towel contains all of the make up. Tissue doesn’t work well as it tends to ball up and disintegrate when wet and then parts of it become tangled up in the hairs.

Beauty Resolutions: Clean brushes

If I have a few brushes from that day, I use the Mac Brush Cleanser instead. Simply because it comes out more quickly so saves me time. It isn’t a cheap product but it does last me quite a long time with almost daily use. After spot cleaning my brushes, I then leave them to lay flat to dry along my dressing table so that any liquid doesn’t drip in to the ferrule (metal part that covers the glue that holds the bristles in place)  and subsequently loosen the bristles.


What I do weekly:

I like to give my brushes a deep clean so weekly, on a Sunday as I do love a routine. I use the Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette and cleanser to clean any of the brushes that I have used that week. I squeeze about a ten pence piece amount of the cleanser in the palette, and wet my brushes with warm water, making sure that I hold my brushes upright and never fully immerse the brush water so that I don’t get water into the ferrule.

Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette

Then I move my brushes in a circular motion across all of the different textures in the palette to get my brushes extra clean. After that I squeeze out any extra water and leave them to dry in the same way. I do have to do this first thing in the morning to ensure that my brushes dry ready for my Monday morning face.

The handle on the back makes it even easier to use I currently use the Real Techniques cleanser, but in the past I have used Dr Bronner’s Liquid Soap and a few make up artists that I know even admit to using baby shampoo for deep cleaning their brushes. I just think that’s best to find the products that suit both your skin and your budget but making sure to clean your brushes thoroughly and regularly.

Keeping on top of making sure my brushes are clean is one of my New Year’s beauty resolutions, check the rest of them out here.

 How often do you remember to clean your brushes?

Makeup brush cleaning routine

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  1. Spot cleaning every day is such a good idea. I tend to just leave my brushes till the end of the week and then it seems like a super daunting task getting them all clean. Will def be trying your routine. Thanks for sharing!

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