It is so, so rare that I get an actual child-free day to myself that when the Bank Holiday came around and I found myself child-free, I took full advantage and did something out of the ordinary. This Bank Holiday, my girls were with their father for a change so I decided to head to Liverpool with a friend.

Albert Docks

The sole purpose for my visit to Liverpool was to visit the Urban Decay store that had opened a while ago. I’m a huge Urban Decay fan and wanted to browse and make a few purchases. My friend had never been before and wanted to visit Albert Docks so it made sense to combine our visits into one day!


I am usually the person who insists on driving everywhere. I hate getting on public transport, but this time it didn’t make sense. I managed to get my return train ticket for only £19 by booking in advance with London Midland. Complete bargain!

The journey took around 1 hour and 20 minutes which wasn’t too bad either. My petrol and parking would’ve cost approximately  the same, probably more and taken much longer. My train solution left more time and money for shopping.

Liverpool Lime Street station is also really close to the city centre so it was easy to walk into town and find lots to look at and do. As this was the first time in a long time that I’d not driven to Liverpool, knowing that everything was close by helped me to plan my day.


As I’ve already said, the whole purpose of my 100 mile trip was to visit the Urban Decay store. It didn’t disappoint, I was so impressed with the huge range on display. If I hadn’t had already spent a fortune in MAC and Illamasqua, I could have easily gone mad in here. So many beautiful products.

Urban Decay Store Liverpool

Liverpool has lots to offer a beauty addict. In the Metquarter, which is a mini shopping centre, I spent a good while in MAC and Illamasqua browsing and shopping. Both stores were quite big and had excellent staff to help me make my purchases. The new Illamasqua collection looks amazing and the assistant talked me through, showing me each item carefully.

Beauty Counter Liverpool

If you’re looking for high-end makeup, then head over to the Beauty Bazaar at Harvey Nichols or John Lewis in Liverpool One. The Beauty Bazaar had an Hourglass counter which had me drooling and even more convinced that I need the Ambient Lights palette in my life. It is so beautiful, so much so that I forgot to take pictures of my swatches. I do love a bit of shimmer!

Makeup haul
My Liverpool makeup haul.


On the other end of the scale, the usual high-street makeup stores can be found. I had a wander into Superdrug and picked up a Makeup Revolution palette as I just couldn’t resist 32 shadows for £8 and I’m a big fan of Makeup Revolution.

There is also a huge Primark which has the largest Ps… makeup section that I have ever seen, far bigger than my local Primark. So, of course I spent some time there and picked up a couple of things.

Albert Docks

I was lucky that the day that I went to visit was really sunny, lovely and warm. This meant that I had quite a long walk around the docks, enjoying the sunshine and dodging seagulls.

Albert Docks

The docks are literally minutes from the city centre and can be accessed by walking through Liverpool One. I really enjoyed my stroll here as it was so beautiful and calm. I almost felt like I was on holiday. All the vintage looking ice cream vans helped with that feeling alongside the unseasonably warm weather.

Albert Docks


Around the Docks were a lot of different museums, including the Tate Liverpool and International Slavery Museum. If I was staying for a longer day,  I would’ve loved to have had a walk around these too but I was trying to pack so much into one day. I was child-free I needed cocktails and a nice fancy lunch too! This however does give me another reason to visit Liverpool soon.

Tate Liverpool



There was a huge range of places to eat in Liverpool, I found it so hard to decide what I wanted to eat. Although, I am incredibly indecisive. After looking at the menus of nearly every restaurant by Albert Docks and Liverpool One, I settled on Gourmet Burger Kitchen. I’m trying to eat as little meat as possible so I was treated to a bean burger, skinny fries and the most amazing salted caramel milkshake that I have ever had. We sat outside on the terrace and it was lovely to eat my lunch leisurely in the sunshine instead of shovelling it down at my desk.

GBK Bean Burger

After lunch, we wondered around to find somewhere for cocktails, got a bit lost and by the time we found our bearings again, it was after 5pm and all of the office workers were filling up the beer gardens. There quite a few interesting cocktail bars, but in the end settled for Revolution as it was a bit out of the way so quieter. Sipping on my delicious Peach Cobbler cocktail confirmed that I had made the right decision to travel by train!


Overall, I had a really great day. It was so lovely to explore a relatively new place, especially with someone who hadn’t even been before. I felt like such a tourist!

I still think that there is so much more that I would like to see and do there in Liverpool so I am most definitely planning to revisit. It feels like I missed out on so many sights – especially about The Beatles – but I just couldn’t fit everything in.

The Cavern Club

Lots of things in Liverpool are unsurprisingly dedicated to The Beatles and whilst I’ve been to The Cavern before, as a huge Beatles fan, I would’ve liked to have spent a bit more time looking around. However, I  had a rare whole day to walk around somewhere new at adult pace, with no nappies and baby wipes in my handbag so it isn’t all bad! I really enjoyed my day. It was nice to be to me instead of just mummy.

Have you ever been to visit Liverpool? What are your thoughts? 

62 thoughts on “My day out to Liverpool”

  1. I’ve still not been to Liverpool but I’ve heard good things from mates who went to uni there, it’s on our list for our UK road trip next year but now I know a few more places to go when we get there!

  2. I’m the US, so a day trip to Liverpool is not currently in my plans, but the idea of a day trip without kids sounds amazing. I’m also an advocate for public transportation when you’re traveling – you save so much time on getting lost, parking, and all that nonsense. Glad you had a good time!

  3. I like MakeUp Revolution as they are cruelty free and it is amazing that you can get 32 shadows for £8. So cheap and such pretty colours, what is the pigmentation like? x

  4. It’s pretty good actually! It’s quite like the Fortune Favours the Brave palette and I love that one.

  5. It sounds like you had an amazing day in Liverpool. The Urban Decay store would be a place I would indeed shop at. There are actually so many shops I would love to visit there. I don’t like I could pass up on the Makeup Revolution palette either with 32 shades. Thanks for sharing your awesome day out in Liverpool.

  6. I remember getting ‘dragged’ to Liverpool by a friend and expecting it to be the worse place in the world. I was so wrong. It’s such an amazing place and I love how friendly everyone was there. Plus there are plenty of good bars in Liverpool to enjoy too

  7. I have not been to Liverpool yet but I would love to include that in our itinerary when we visit the UK this year. The food looks awesome! Have to be there!

  8. Wow! What a lovely day! I’ve never toured Liverpool before and I sure would love especially after seeing this post. I love checking out the food in the places that I visit.

  9. It’s nice to treat yourself to little trips like this every now and again. You’re lucky to have access to trains and the ability to just nip where ever you want. Me, if I want to go anywhere I’m a 12 hour overnight ferry ride away from the mainland before I even get anywhere!

  10. Wow. It looks like you had an amazing day in Liverpool. I am loving that burger you got for lunch, that looks absolutely delicious. I bet it was good. I don’t do much make up, but hope you got some great make up!

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