Anyone who has read my letter to Santa will know that I was really excited to open my not-so-secret-gift. It was one of the huge Sleek Makeup Christmas collection boxes. As much as I love the excitement of limited edition products, it can be a pain if they’re amazing as I then have to buy up as many as is humanly possible. (Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Rebelle – I’m looking at you….)

All of the products in the box are existing products from the Sleek line.  There are no limited edition items, which I’m pleased about because if I like them, I can easily find them. Hooray!

The first thing that I wanted to try was the highlighter. I love Sleek highlighters and have Precious Metals already. The packaging annoys me as it is so easy to cover in finger prints and look messy but it does look glam… until it has been touched.

Solstice Highlighting Palette

The highlighter in Box of Tricks was the Solstice Palette.  I tested each shade on my forearm and as usual swatched them with my fingers, because this is how I apply highlighter. The palette comes with a little brush but honestly it felt a bit scratchy, and I either use my fingers or a fanbrush to apply highlighter.

Top Row: Ecliptic, Hemisphere
Bottom Row: Subsolar and Equinox



Ecliptic and Subsolar were creamy highlighters and glided straight on easily. Hemisphere and Equinox were powder highlighters. Yet, again both went on easily. The swatch below was two ‘swipes’ of each colour with my finger and you can see that like all Sleek’s products, the pigmentation is amazing!

Top Row: Ecliptic, Hemisphere
Bottom Row: Subsolar, Equinox


Blush By 3 – Lace

The next thing that I looked at was the  Blush By 3 Palette. This one was in Lace. Sleek describe this as ‘one shimmer and two matte, highly pigments shades’ and I would agree. The shimmer in Guipure was really subtle, but gave a pretty effect. Although, it was difficult to photograph to show the true colour.

L-R: Crochet, Guipure and Chantilly. I really don’t get the names though, this isn’t the sort of shades that lace conjures up in my head.


All three colours were highly pigmented as expected. I’m just not sure that they would suit me. I think I’m going to experiment with a light touch and a neutral look everywhere else to see if I can make them work.

L-R: Crochet, Guipure, Chantilly


Face contour Palette – Medium

Now on to the Face Countour Palette in Medium. I’m so late to the idea of contouring, and so far use have only used a Bobbi Brown bronzer and highlighting podwer, (I’ll go into my contouring routine at a later date!) but I was interested in this product because I’m always on the hunt for a cheaper alternative.

Sleek Face Contour Palette in Medium


Even though it’s Medium, the swatches seemed a little dark for me. Again, this is one that I might need to experiment with to get it to work. Sleek products are so pigmented, I often forget that a lighter hand is best.


Matte Me in Shabby Chic

On to the lip products, and I have to be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of Sleek lip products. I find them so drying especially the Matte Me. I haven’t worn them on my lips for a considerable amount of time yet, so the jury’s out as to whether they will be really drying and uncomfortable. We’ll have to see. However, the colours are so pretty that I am going to try to find a way to make them work.

Sleek Matte Me in Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic is a dusty pink and for me is a ‘my lips but better’ shade. I really want to make it work as I tend to veer between a red lip or just lip balm. This shade would be perfect for a polished natural look.


Lip VIP lipstick – Guestlist

The final product was also a lip product and it was Lip VIP lipstick in Guestlist. I have to say… I was pleasantly surprised. The lipstick was creamy and didn’t feel drying at all. I did however only wear it for a short period of time so feel that I probably need to test it out a little more in order to check its longevity and transfer resistance.

Sleek Lip VIP in Guestlist



The colour is absolutely beautiful. It’s a deep, cool-toned red and I think it would suit most skin tones. It’s such a flattering colour. It’ll rival my Russian Red if it has longevity and doesn’t transfer. I’m excited to test it out properly with primer and lip liner. Think that’s a job for tomorrow…

Do you wear Sleek? What are your favourite products?


Sleek Makeup Haul


20 thoughts on “My Latest Sleek Makeup Haul”

  1. Love this make up haul and I adore the Sleek brand. It has become available here in Ireland over the last 2 /3 years and it very popular . I’m a total lipstick fanatic and have several of the Sleek lipsticks and the pigmentation is second to none. Love!

  2. I have the highlight palette in Precious Metals as well as the Blush by 3 in Calif.Orni.A. I love the quality of not just the product, but the beautiful simplicity of the sturdy packaging. All this at affordable prices too!

    Lubz ||

  3. Yes! The packaging is good. Sleek make up is so impressive. I just need to find a way to make the Matte Me work.

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