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I wrote in my previous post that I am currently saving up as I’ll be moving house very shortly and we all know what a stressful and expensive time that can be. My lack of funds hasn’t really stopped me from indulging in a little online window shoppin and I am currently making a little list of all the things that I’ve got my eye on. Mostly, so that when I have finally purchased all the kitchen appliances, scatter cushions and scented candles that I need for my new home, I will have the most organised haul ever.

My wish list is huge but I’ve managed to whittle list down to the three items that I am desperate to get my hands on asap. I think I may have to forgo a  couple of cushions…

My Spring Wish List: Top 3

Well I’m not going to lie, a bit more sun and a bit less rain has to be right at the top of this wish list. Have we even had a Spring this year? Living in the U.K. means hoping  for sunshine is clearly wishful thinking so I moved my attention to creating a wish list of things that were possible to get!

Old English Company Enamel Pins

I’m a huge fan of inspirational quotes and definitely believe in the power of words though to be fair, what kind of writer would I be if I didn’t?! These cute little enamel pins from Old English are just my kind of thing. The quotes speak to me and I want as many as possible to decorate my gym rucksack to keep my motivation high.

Spring 2108 wishlist
How cute is this? This is my favourite but there are so many to choose from!



And… if you love these as much as I do, the lovely folks at Old English have just launched a competition to win one of these badges. All you have to do is email their team to let them know which design from the collection is your favourite and keep your fingers crossed. Simple! The winner will be selected at random at the end of the month. Good luck!

Lottie London Stamp Eyeliner Wing Edition Black

I am a huge fan of black eyeliner but I have to admit, I am the laziest beauty blogger in the world. I like anything that makes my life easier and the wing stamp seems like an easy way to get perfect wings. Frankly, I’ve spent too many mornings redoing winged eyeliner. I need something easier.

I already have the Stamp Eyeliner in Starry Night as I received it as a free gift when I stocked up on my favourite lip balm, and I love it. I’m not quite brave enough to try the star-shaped stamp yet but have fallen utterly in love with the felt-tip liner. It’s the perfect true dark black, no charcoal or watery greys here. It also gets bonus points as it lasts for ages without smudging which,   on my oily lids, is no mean feat. I can’t wait to experiment and hopefully master perfect wings in seconds!


DIORSKIN Forever undercover Shade 030

I never used to really get that excited about foundation. I used to find it such a boring purchase. But there have been some amazing foundation launches over the last 12 months, and this is another that I am desperate to add to my collection. I managed to get a sample of this through the Glamour Beauty Club, (if you’re not signed up, you need to be, I’ve received some great samples over the last few months) and I fell completely in love. It blends like a dream just with my fingers. It’s so easy to use.

Spring wishlist

The Diorskin Forever Undercover foundation is a full-coverage foundation and it promises to last for 24h. Honestly, I couldn’t say if it lasts that long, my life as a single mum doesn’t stretch to all-night parties. What I can say is that this foundation does last really well from application at 7am until I remove my makeup at bedtime, which can be anywhere from 7pm to 10pm depending on the type of day that I’ve had. What I love about this foundation is that it is so lightweight and doesn’t feel remotely heavy on the skin yet manages to cover my blemishes and red patches easily whilst giving a matte finish. It’s perfect!

The Diorskin Forever Undercover foundation is available in 26 shades (I’ve been wearing 030 Medium Beige and it’s a perfect match) although I have found that not all of them are available from all retailers so the Dior website is your best best. This is a pricey foundation at £34 which is why it’s on my wish list and not immediately purchased it it’s definitely going to be my next purchase. Roll on the house move and then the Diorskin Forever Undercover foundation will be mine!

What is on your wish list for Spring? Have any of the objects of my affection made their way onto your list?

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  1. OMG I love those pins! I’m in kind of the same boat, I’ve been moving and I’m so tempted to buy housewares but I have no place to put them! Is so hard!

  2. I totally agree! I keep looking at home stuff just to get inspiration and see so many things that I want but the new house isn’t ready yet.

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