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Where’s your favourite place to pick up beauty products? Lately, I’ve been absolutely loving Superdrug, they are definitely my current favourite high street beauty. Predictably, I have picked up a few things (quite a few actually *hangs head in shame* ) over the past month or two from both my local store and the website. I’ve been popping in so much that on my last visit, the assistant didn’t even need to ask my name before bringing me my order. Needless to say, I was mortified. Thankfully, the majority of it has been purchased special offers and sales so my bank balance hasn’t been too badly affected.  This haul probably cost less than £40 if I added it all together, which actually doesn’t seem too bad when you see everything that I’ve purchased and of course I had to share it with you guys. Get comfy. Grab a cuppa. This is going to be a long post…


Superdrug Haul


Collection Primed and Ready Anti-Fatigue Illuminating Primer


As a full-time working, blogging single mum, I loved the sound of this primer. Anything that can make me look less dead and wide-awake on a morning after the bare minimum of sleep is a winner for me. I just need something to make me look like I’ve had 8 hours sleep even if I haven’t. If someone can invent a product that can leave me feeling as if I’ve had enough sleep as well as looking refreshed, I would happily sign over my wages. As this primer was a purse-friendly £4.99, I was more than willing to give it a try and hope for the best.

Superdrug Haul - Collection Primer


Unfortunately even though this was a total bargain, I really didn’t like it. I couldn’t force myself to use it more than three times and it’s currently languishing at the bottom of my primer drawer. (Yes I have a primer drawer!) This Collection primer did absolutely nothing to improve the longevity or appearance of any of the foundations that I tried with it –  Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r, Kat Von D and Revolution. In fact my foundation looked patchy over the top of this. It just didn’t work for my combination skin (normal with dry and oily patches – lucky me!) and I’m wondering if it would be worth trying on younger and drier skin because it showed every single line on my thirty-something skin.

The only positive I could think of with this, and I’ve had to dig deep, is that when it claims to be illuminating, it really was. This primer excelled at illuminating the skin. I wore this to work and was literally sparkling like a vampire in the sunlight by 9am. Not exactly the look I was going for and even kids in my class commented on my new-found sparkle. When an 8 year old boy comments on your makeup, you know you’ve done something wrong. This was really not for me.


Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink In Pioneer and Voyager


I am so late to the Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink party. I have heard so many good things about these and have really wanted to try them for the longest time, but I couldn’t justify £9.99 for one high-street liquid lipstick when I’ve had pretty great ones from Primark for a fraction of the price. Trusty Superdrug came to my rescue when they had a third off Maybelline and then to my delight (I’m easily pleased) they were also included in the 3 for 2. Predictably, I snapped up these two quicker than I could say Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink.


Superdrug Haul - Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink


The world and his wife were right about these, they are AMAZING. I really loved the thicker consistency of these as ironically sometimes I find the texture of some liquid lipsticks a bit too ‘liquidy’, and this can make them harder to apply well. The two Maybelline Superstay Matte Inks that I tried had a thicker, creamier consistency and are therefore easier to apply at speed with a kid on your lap, which is how I am often forced to test out all of my makeup.


Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink
Top: Pioneer            Bottom: Voyager


The other thing that I loved about these was the fact that they stayed put forever. These are serious contenders for my zombie apocalypse makeup bag. They were that good at staying put. The first time I wore Voyager, I got a bit overexcited by the beautiful colour and applied two coats without letting the first set and yes, it got a bit messy when I ate lunch and kissed my kids. I’ve learnt my lesson. As long as I only use a single coat when applying the SuperStay Matte Inks, and frankly they’re so pigmented that you shouldn’t need much more, these liquid lipsticks won’t budge. Believe me when I say, a single coat is fine and will see you through the day and onto the next if you accidentally fall asleep in your makeup…


Imperial Leather Shower Creams


The kids are rather generous when using any kind of beauty product (like mother, like daughters I guess) so between me and the girls, we tend to go through shower creams and gels incredibly quickly. When the kids used my Molton Brown body wash in under a week, I realised that expensive bath products are no longer for me until they leave home or I put up a shelf. Seeing as they are both under 7 and I’m no DIYer, I now buy bargains and never spend more than £1 on shower gel. If I’m in a really good mood, I let the kids choose them and needless to say, the kids chose these because they ‘looked like sweeties’.


Superdrug Haul


I have to be honest, I wasn’t anticipating that I would like these as I tend to prefer floral rather than food-based fragrances. However, these shower creams were actually alright, even for me. They didn’t have the sickly synthetic scent that I was anticipating and were actually a bit of fun that the kids loved mostly because they smelt exactly like the sweets. These shower creams were not moisturising but neither were they too drying. At £1 each, as long as they get us clean, I’m happy.


Revolution Fast Base Concealer


I have been using the Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer ever since it came out and whilst I do like it, I fancied a change and because I use so many Revolution products, this was an easy online purchase because I already knew my shade match.


Superdrug haul


I wasn’t a huge fan of the fluffy brush at the end of this concealer, it just made me think of all the wasted product that would get stuck in it which in turned made me think of how difficult it would be to keep it hygienic. At £5 for a Concealer, I should probably let that go because I can see how having this would make ‘on-the-go touch ups’ much easier as frankly who has the time or space to carry brushes and products. Not me.

Revolution say that although they recommend this as an undereye concealer, it can be used for other concealer-type jobs such as covering blemishes and evening out skintone. I tend to use different shades for my undereyes and delightful hormonal blemishes so I only used this to disguise my dark circles. As an undereye concealer this is great. It’s quick and easy to use. It’s thick enough to cover my dark circles but light enough that it doesn’t crease in my fine lines. I then set this with a setting powder and fixing spray and I look fresh all day, even if I don’t quite feel it.


I Heart Revolution Violet Chocolate Palette

Ever since I started following Makeup by Tammi, I’ve been obsessed with purple eyes. They just look amazing. This was released around the time of the Norvina palette when the whole world was going mad for purple. Including me.

Superdrug Haul Violet Chocolate


Now, I’m not even going to pretend that this is as good as the Norvina palette, it isn’t. What it is, is a very good way to try purple shades if you’re on a budget. Like all Revolution palettes, this is less than £10 and considering it contains 18 shades, that’s pretty good. Even more so when you consider that the pigmentation is impressive at this price point. The shimmers are utterly beautiful and blend quite well. The mattestake more work but this isn’t unusual within any eye shadow palette. Did I also mention like all of the I Heart Revolution palettes that this smells absolutely amazing?


Superdrug haul
Some of my favourite shades from the I Heart Revolution Chocolate Violet Heart Palette.


Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb Eye Tissue Masks


I do love a good mask on Self-Care Sunday, it’s part of the ritual for me. Long bubble bath, face mask and a good book. I like to switch up the masks that I use dependent on my skin’s concerns at the time and when I saw these on offer for half-price instead of the usual £3 each, I snapped them up.

Superdrug haul


My favourite ever skincare ingredient is hyaluronic acid because of it’s ability to retain moisture and make skin incredibly hydrated. Both of these masks listed hyaluronic acid as an active ingredient making them perfect for diminishing the appearance of the fine lines around my eyes as the hydration would make my skin look plumper, healthier and by default younger. These eye masks promised and delivered, it’s just a shame that the effect didn’t last forever!


MUA Lipsticks


I do love red and berry shades on my lips. These MUA lipsticks were only £1 each and also included on the cosmetic 3 for 2 offer, so I managed to get 3 lipsticks for £2. At that price I thought that they were worth a try.

Superdrug Haul


I was pleasantly surprised with how pigmented all three lipsticks. They were creamy, moisturising and comfortable to wear even though the finish was quite matte. I was seriously impressed. The longevity wasn’t the best, and the lipstick did transfer to cups and my kids, but at less than a £1, I’m not going to complain because I do love a bargain.


Which is your favourite high-street beauty store? Is there anywhere that I’m missing? Let me know in the comments!












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